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Quidel Increases Efficiency of HR Processes With Document Management

Quidel, a medical diagnostics manufacturer, was searching for a document management system to create more efficient internal HR processes for their department. After evaluating 7 different potential providers, they selected DocuVantage. Read more to find out why.

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9 Document Management Solutions With HR at Heart

What’s the biggest frustration for HR departments? Lack of strategized, secured and streamlined document management solutions. 

  • “I can’t find the files I need. There’s no organization, no central storage for documents. Email folders, and even cloud-based folders, don’t help at all.”
  • We just had a fire and all of our personnel files were destroyed, now what do we do?
  • We have 10 offices and now we have 10 copies of our files. Which one is correct?

… Sound familiar? If so, we feel your pain. DocuVantage has worked with enough frustrated HR managers, directors and generalists to know that the endless search through mismanaged personnel files makes productivity (and workplace satisfaction) impossible.

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PART II: 5 Document Management Secrets for Your HR Team

This is the second part of our feature on HR process improvement through a powerful information management system. The first installment featured four document management secrets for your HR team. Ready for the next five?

Here are five more tidbits to prime your knowledge on powerful document management and process automation for your HR department:

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Creating Jobs with Online Document Management and Workflow Software

It seems we are hearing more and more about “job creation” these days. But while the politicians continue to pontificate on the wisdom of enacting further corporate tax cuts to encourage job creation, it’s important to remember that there are other ways that you can control to find the capital necessary to increase your workforce and your bottom line. Many of these savings can be realized quickly by leveraging the benefits of on-demand document management and workflow software.

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How Santa Uses Document Management

If you think about the number of children in the world, it’s obvious that Santa has the largest manufacturing and distribution facility on the planet.  Can you imagine what it takes to run a facility this large?

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HR Management Tip #4: Manage and Distribute Policies, Procedures & Forms On Demand

As the fourth tip in our "HR Management Essentials: Tips for Controlling the Chaos Online,” series, today we are talking about managing company policies, procedures, manuals, handbooks and required forms by keeping them up-to-date with an online document and records management application. 

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HR Management Tip #3: Access and Manage Time Sheets and Vacation Requests On Demand

As a continuation of our DocuVantage series on "HR Management Essentials: Tips for Controlling the Chaos Online," today we are talking about time sheet management, another one of the many responsibilities of a Human Resources department.

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HR Management Tip #2: Automate Your Review of Resumes Online

As a continuation of our series on "HR Management Essentials: Tips for Controlling the Chaos Online," we now want to discuss a couple of the challenges Human Resources face in managing a new-hire and recruiting process.

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