Document Management Business Solutions

Automation, Collaboration, Retrieval and More

Whether you are trying to streamline your accounts payable processing, or need help tracking applicants in your HR application, DocuVantage OnDemand® is the perfect complement to any small business application. With an easy to use web interface, DocuVantage enables quick and efficient document management business solutions. 

Fast Document Retrieval

And finding documents quickly and easily is one of the keys to employee productivity. It does not matter if we are talking about manufacturing, government or even healthcare, time spent looking for documents is time wasted.  A small business document management software allows you more time to spend working with your customers, vendors, patients, or any other constituency that you might have.

Document Collaboration

Once you find your documents, usually you have to share them.  DocuVantage enables diverse work groups to share document across the office or around the world. With document check in and document versioning, your staff can share without worrying about who has done what to any document. This document management system keeps track of these details so your employees don’t have to.

Business Process Automation

In addition to keeping track of documents, DocuVantage also enables small business document management through its advanced workflow module. Not only can you track who did what to each document, you can also let the system handle routine decisions or help employees make the correct ones.

Industry Expertise

Technology helps, but experts who can translate your document management business needs into a specific application can make the difference in your implementation. You are the expert in your business and in your area of expertise whether it is accounting, human resources, legal, or any other discipline. By combining your knowledge with our experience across many industries and many applications, your application has the potential to transform your organization.

Learn More About Document Management for your Business Application

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