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Accounts Receivable Processing

Accounts Receivable ProcessingAccounts Receivable (AR) is an essential Back Office function of every company. And an AR department that works smoothly keeps the bills going out and the money coming in. You can make as many sales as possible, but you have to ensure your customer gets billed properly so you can get paid properly.

DocuVantage's Accounts Receivable Solution is a secure, easy to use, affordable, on-demand service. There is never any hardware to maintain, software to install or upgrade fees to pay. And you get up and running in hours or days, not months. Streamline the entire process - from document creation through document management, routing, approval and collaboration - all for a low monthly subscription fee.

From the moment of the initial order until the last payment is received, DocuVantage OnDemand keeps tight control over the entire process. All the essential documents are stored electronically from Purchase Orders (PO's), confirmation emails, proofs of delivery, adjustments, correspondences, bills of lading and all associated reporting. They are all stored in a single safe repository that you and your staff have access to from anywhere, anytime.

DocuVantage OnDemand® allows you to:

  • Significantly improve the collection process by removing paper-based inefficiencies
  • Resolve invoice disputes by giving all your workers real-time access to customer files
  • Increase workload with fewer employees by automating the process and having workers interact only when needed
  • Reduce collection cycles to get the money in your hands quickly
  • Identify inefficiencies and potential bottlenecks
  • Maintain an audit trail ensuring all your internal business rules are followed and tracked

    There are many compliance issues surrounding accounting. Sarbanes-Oxley in the United States, S, Bill 198 in Canada, J-SOX in Japan, etc. All of these require you to keep track and report on all aspects of your accounting system. With DocuVantage OnDemand®, you can ensure you are covered and fully compliant.

    In audits, lost documents can mean large fines. Don't gamble with your files.

    And DocuVantage OnDemand isn't just an AR solution; you can share the same application with your co-workers in other departments. One Solution for all of your company's document management needs. All of your information at your fingertips using your PC and internet browser from anywhere, anytime.


    • Set notifications to ensure Net 30 invoices are paid in a timely manner
    • Rapid Deployment=Rapid ROI
    • You can be up and running today
    • Guaranteed user adoption with the user friendly, flexible interface
    • Keep all correspondences to minimize disputes and chargebacks
    • Easily manage and store docuements with less staff
    • Know the status and location of every order in your system
    • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring order questions are answered in one call
    • Enable staff members to view documents simultaneously
    • Easier compliance, faster reporting and staffing efficiencies
    • Never misplace a document again
    • Eliminate rows of filing cabinets and the costs associated with file storage
    • Kofax integration for production scanning needs
    • No hardware, software or IT resources needed; we manage the application 24/7


    • Scan every PO and correspondence; eliminating the paper copy
    • Streamline the life cycle of orders and follow up
    • Add Workflow to move all documents seamlessly through your systems
    • Match payment with your invoices and POs to post the income immediately
    • Automatically route disputes for staff review
    • Keep a complete record of who viewed, modified, approved and edited information
    • Add notes to docuements
    • Full Text Search to quickly find and retrieve information; easily complete reports by customer or date
    • Manage all back office documents for AP, AR and HR
    • Store and easily retrieve reports
    • Ensure confidentiality and security


    • Browser based; 24 hours secure access from anywhere
    • Feature rich document management functions like check-out and check-in, version control and collaboration
    • Capture and store scanned documents, e-mail, faxes, and electronic documents in a single secure, searchable repository
    • Easy to Use Drag and Drop file capture
    • Multi-level security settings to prevent unauthorized access to documents
    • Complete auditing and tracking
    • Search based upon full text or index values
    • Revision control manages all versions and keeps track of changes
    • Capture of all documents via drag and drop, scanning, e-mail or fax
    • Full-text OCR and imaging of all documents
    • Share documents with external parties like vendors and board members
    • Rules based Routing and Approval Workflows to manage the business process
    • No vendor lock in, all tools are integrated within the application to empower you to control the application
    • API included for integration into existing systems
    • Built in retention features to keep only those documents you need; prevent litigation

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