A Document Efficiency Analysis can save you tens of thousands or more!

Whether your organization is large or small, chances are you're inundated with information in the form of content, documents and records. And it doesn't have to be in hard copy to create problems with storage and retrieval. Information drives our core business capabilities, and yet it's an asset we frequently neglect.

A document efficiency analysis from DocuVantage can help you efficiently manage your paper and electronic document content to dramatically improve business performance, reduce costs and risk, streamline processes and improve efficiencies.

The professionals at DocuVantage specialize in the analysis, design and implementation of electronic document and information management software solutions. We have a history of assisting organizations in defining their document and information management needs as well as streamlining their current processes thru workflow process automation.

Optimizing the software and workflows to create the best possible collaboration between human needs and technology requires expertise in both the industry and the software. That is where we excel.

  • We offer an architecture report on your current productivity issues, and a proposal on how to better utilize electronic document management and Workflow software technology to make your organization more productive and more profitable. Not all software systems are created equally when it comes to supporting human workflows. Some are "configurable" and some require custom program modifications. Often, human workflows need to conform to the way the software works -- and interestingly enough, some of the most expensive systems are the least flexible.
  • A complete Visio® outline which will thoroughly explain the current manual process or workflow of your department and the additional areas or processes that it participates in. Analysis of key work areas to determine problems with your current systems or processes.  This type of workflow analysis identifies red flags to productivity and to your bottom line. By performing a business workflow analysis, we can help you identify the needed technology that will provide the most immediate and quantifiable return on investment for your business.
  • Our recommendations on how to move from a time consuming, space intensive manual paper processing organization to a streamlined, efficient, more productive organization that is able to adhere to the latest compliance regulations reducing your risk of litigation. The key to quality is good processes and your staff understanding and following those processes. This information can be used for future system implementation.
  • Our guarantee of quality workmanship, on-time delivery and complete problem resolution with honest and ethical business standards.

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