Secure Records Management Software

Protecting Your Organization Against Litigation and Audit

DocuVantage's OnDemand records management software module ensures that your company's records are organized, easy to find, securely stored and retained for their required period.  Streamline management and access to important records. The records management software system follows each record's lifecycle from creation to disposition and keeps track of how long records must be retained. Through an interface backed by administrative access control, organizations can enable faster, more cost-effective records management while laying the foundation for compliance with key government regulations.

DocuVantage's record management software offers 100% compliance with government regulations to eliminate fines and penalties. Automate your records management system to ensure that your policies are being followed.

  • Set retention controls and alerts to minimize the risk of audit and litigation.
  • Eliminate paper document storage, resulting in zero time searching for lost or misplaced documents.
  • Ensure that documents and records are purged on-time.

Secure Records Management

With administrative controls you can allow records managers to be responsible for different record groups.  Enable reports and controls to individual records managers or to a group for more effective records management.

  • Choose between centralized or remote records management.
  • Group records into records categories.
  • Create audit trails for documents and records.

Integrate Records Management with Document Management

Turn your business documents into business records.  By integrating your document management system with your records management system, your documents can become your legal business records.

  • Set retention controls based on document types.
  • Automate the classification of documents into their correct record categories.
  • Enable business processes to mark documents and records as final.

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