Workflow Automation and Business Process Management 

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DocuVantage's workflow automation and business process management module enables organizations to eliminate repetitive manual tasks associated with routine business processes, freeing up staff for higher value activities. With workflow automation you can create and automate business processes that coordinate between people, applications, and services.

Route, Review and Approve Documents

Transfer existing paper-based processes into an electronic workflow to efficiently manage operations and eliminate manual effort.  Define tasks for a department or for business processes that cross multiple departments.

  • Simplify tasks with easy to use routing choices defined by your business rules
  • Enable collaboration across multiple users in different departments and different locations
  • Set up notifications when you have new or pending tasks or documents to review or approve
  • Add documents to business processes so that all documents needed for any given task are grouped together into a logical package or collection
  • Communicate with others in the business process with notes and messages tied to individual documents or business processes

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Quickly check any workflow tasks that have been assigned.  Avoid bottlenecks in any process that create delays.

  • Automate the work queue for staff so they can efficiently process requests
  • Receive alert notifications when a document is sitting in someone's inbox and has not been processed  in a timely manner.
  • Delegate work to alternate users when employees are out or unable to complete a task
  • Streamline work queues with assignments to multiple staff members

Point and Click Business Rule Definition

Graphically define your business rules with an easy-to-use process editor.  Quickly define logic-based rules and assign specific tasks in the process.

  • Use process nodes to declaratively build process graphs
  • Integrate your document management processes with your line of business applications
  • Automatically handle state, variable and task management

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