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NonProfits and NGOs

Non ProfitThe Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have their own unique struggles. You have to watch every penny going out and coming in very carefully and the monitoring process is critical.

You must keep your staff and volunteers busy and happy, all the while keeping the money flowing into the organization. You keep records for the benefit of your donors and track hours and program results. As a nonprofit or NGO, when it comes to spending money you are in the spotlight and must account for how you are spending money as well as how you manage the retention of your documents for the auditors.

DocuVantage's integrated Non Profit Document and Records Management Solution is an easy to use, affordable, subscription-based on-demand service.

There is never any hardware to maintain, software to install or upgrade fees to pay. You don't need IT resources because we take care of everything. You are up and running in hours not months with no risk.

Streamline the entire process - from document creation through document management, routing, approval, collaboration and records retention compliance- all for a low monthly subscription fee.

DocuVantage OnDemand® allows you to:

✓ Keep all your staff and volunteers connected and collaborating on all documents

✓ Control every document in your organization from what's going out to what's coming in

✓ Have immediate access to every document with a few clicks of the mouse

✓ Built in auditing removes the worries and costs related to an audit

✓ Share your resources with all staff, even from home or remote country and field offices. All of your information at your fingertips using an internet browser and PC.

Use DocuVantage OnDemand to keep track of all your documents (e.g., contracts, vendor for basis selection, invoices, donor documents, time sheets, travel authorizations, mail, faxes, etc.) As an NPO/NGO you must constantly account for every asset in your organization.

For more information on how long your nonprofit should keep its records, view our Records Retention information and schedule.

With DocuVantage OnDemand, you can ensure you are covered and fully compliant.
Find out more about how DocuVantage OnDemand® can help your NPO. Are you an NGO? Find out how we help NGOs.


      Save Money

    • Remove costs associated with compliance and audit requests.
    • No capital expenditures.
    • No hardware, software or IT resources needed; we manage the application 24/7.
    • Office space expenses decrease because employees can work virtually.
    • Administrative/labor costs decrease because of workflow automation.
    • Save on office expenses of printing, paper, filing space, faxing, shipping, postage, etc.
    • Only buy what you need now. Add users or functionality as needed. As people leave, remove their access.
    • Eliminate rows of filing cabinets and the costs associated with file storage.
    • Develop and route grant documents faster.
    • Increase Efficiency/Save Time

    • No need to recreate the wheel on fundraising projects that work.
    • Easily manage and store documents regardless of format.
    • Eliminate confusion on marketing collateral versions.
    • Enable staff members to view, share and collaborate on documents simultaneously.
    • Automate workflow and approval processes.
    • Easy to find information regardless of the naming convention used to label documents. Never misplace a document again.
    • Simple distribution/collaboration on annual reports and proposals.
    • Rapid deployment=rapid ROI.
    • You can be up and running today.
    • Minimal training for volunteers with the user friendly, flexible interface.
    • Easier compliance, faster reporting and staffing efficiencies.
    • Better Service

    • Allow Boards and employees easy access to documents/information.
    • Easily respond to compliance requests.
    • Access data quickly for sponsors and proposals.
    • Ensure proper collection and payment on invoices
    • Find all files associated with a particular donor in seconds.
    • Business Continuity

    • Easy adoption of change in organization structure.
    • No interruption of projects through employee turnover.
    • Easy continuation of programs through Board turnover.
    • Protect all historical data and information securely regardless of equipment issues or employee absence.
    • Manage vendor contracts to ensure same terms for next year.
    • Green Accomplished Easily

    • Go Paperless! - reduce printing, copying and filing of paper
    • Free up space on email servers and inbox
    • Eliminate need for filing cabinets, get your hallway back!
    • Maintain Compliance

    • Retain all necessary documents for IRS.
    • Meet all compliance deadlines for providing information.
    • Keep an audit trail of changes to cases/files.
    • Manage the required documents needed to disperse grant monies.
    • Increase Security of Information

    • Monitor who has access your documents and data.
    • Monitor all edits to your information/documents.
    • Store data in a secure data facility monitored 24/7 with triple redundancy.


        Browser based; 24 hours secure access from anywhere

        Feature rich document management functions like check-out and check-in, version control and collaboration

        Capture and store scanned documents, e-mail, faxes, and electronic documents in a single secure, searchable repository

        Easy to Use Drag and Drop file capture

        Multi-level security settings to prevent unauthorized access to documents

        Complete auditing and tracking

        Search based upon full text or index values

        Revision control manages all versions and keeps track of changes

        Capture of all documents via drag and drop, scanning, e-mail or fax

        Full-text OCR and imaging of all documents

        Share documents with external parties like vendors and board members

        Rules based Routing and Approval Workflows to manage the business process

        No vendor lock in, all tools are integrated within the application to empower you to control the application

        API included for integration into existing systems

        Built in retention features to keep only those documents you need


              Non-profit Grant Management

              Grants are central to the operations of not-for-profit organizations, but the complexity of applying, managing and reporting on grants often times makes it necessary to divert valuable resources to manage this rather than delivering critical services.

              DocuVantage OnDemand delivers an effective solution that will dramatically reduce the time and frustration of grant application, management and compliance reporting thus freeing resources to spend more time on delivering the agency’s critical services.

              With DocuVantage OnDemand service your organization can enjoy the efficiency of a central, searchable repository of all documents, providing easy access to all information related to a grant, an automated task management system that will provide reminders of what needs to be done and when it is due, tracking progress to prevent last minute rushes that consume valuable resources and increase the likelihood of costly errors that could result in a loss of funding.

              With DocuVantage OnDemand you are able to:

              Automate Task Management

              Automate Compliance Management

              Track and Monitor personnel compliance to Federal Standards

              Control the purchase, management and reporting on grant related assets

              Manage quality reviews and controls

              Automate the grant audit and resolution process

              Using DocuVantage OnDemand helps keep your resources and attention on service to the community rather than consume resources in an often cumbersome and frustrating manual effort to ensure continuity of funding for mission critical services.

            • Scan every correspondence and eliminate the paper copy
            • Add Workflow to move all documents seamlessly through your systems
            • Automatically route documents for staff review
            • Create external access for donors, staff and board members
            • Keep a complete record of who viewed, modified, approved and edited information
            • Add notes to documents
            • Full Text Search to quickly find and retrieve information; easily complete reports by customer or date
            • Store and easily retrieve reports
            • Ensure confidentiality and security

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