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Document Management Software

DocuVantage's document management software module includes Document Capture, Imaging, Archiving, OCR, Full Text Search, Annotation, Redaction, Collaboration and Version Control.

Scan, Import, and Access Documents Remotely

Remote workers and offices will have the same access to your business documents as if they were in the corporate office.  Save money on shipping remote documents to the main office and secure the documents in one location.

  • Web-based scanning for easy remote document capture  scan_search_retrieve
  • Production scanning interface for Kofax and EzeScan
  • Drag and drop capability from your desktop directly into the archives
  • Batch import for large volumes or documents

Search All Documents Based on Your Content

Users can quickly search all documents based on the content of the document.  Find all documents related to any search term.  Eliminate searching for a document on someone's desk or looking in multiple file cabinets.

  • Easy to define indexes enable rapid retrieval
  • Full text search on the content of documents
  • Easy folder and tree navigation based on user views
  • Global search for related documents across different document archives
  • Full file viewing capabilities and automatic launch of native applications

Secure Your Documents by User or Department

Control the level of document access each of your users has to add, search, edit, and view documents.  Set permissions individually, or at a group level, such as by department or only for executive management.

  • Point and click interface for security settings
  • Set permissions by document or category  
  • Multiple levels of security by user and group  
  • Redact areas on documents to protect confidential information  

Comment Directly on Documents with Annotations

Add additional information, descriptions or comments on your documents.  Enable your staff to add detail that may not be on the original documents.

  • Color coordinate comments to indicate comment type
  • Use geometric shapes and various colors to highlight areas on your documents
  • Enable permissions so that only some users can view the annotations

Identify Document Changes

Never be surprised by changes to the documents you are responsible for.  In addition to preventing access by unauthorized users, know when authorized users view, add, change or delete a document.

  • Implement security all the way down to the document level
  • Set flexible alerts by archive, record, document or access type
  • Enable alerts to be sent to your user or your e-mail

Manage Document Updates

Eliminate lost edits and wasted efforts with automated versioning.  Documents are checked out for edits so only one user has edit access at a time.  View revision history on any document; see who changed the document and when.  Roll back to a previous version when necessary.

  • View revision history by document
  • Search for documents modified by date and user

Foster Collaboration without Losing Control

Manage the flow and update of documents within your document management system without having to rely on e-mail or network drives.  Include document links in messages to colleagues.

  • Make permanent notes on documents that can be viewed by anyone with access permission
  • Send and receive messages and document links to and from multiple team members
  • Compatible with any program that can create or modify documents such as MS-Office
  • One location that stores all communications related to the document

Use Electronic Signature to Process Contracts Faster and Reduce Costs

  • Signers can sign anytime from anywhere online
  • Secure and legally binding
  • Receive contracts back in minutes not days
  • See viewing, signature and routing status 

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