Inbound Campaign Content Management

Your company needs to market itself to survive, and you need to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, there is nothing quick or efficient about creating marketing campaigns and collateral.

The marketing content management process often includes dozens of people, each one wanting his ideas considered, if not included in the campaign. This means dozens of emails, phone calls and team meetings, and a painfully slow workflow process. When you have 20 versions of a marketing campaign going into 20 people's inboxes, keeping track of the current version becomes problematic.

But what if you could house and index the marketing files in one Marketing_Repository_Graphicsecure location and everyone could access them? Each change to the document would be stored, along with notes from all the team members.

Can you imagine the time you would save and how much confusion could be eliminated?

This is where we come in. With DocuVantage OnDemand, you have one document to work with, which makes the marketing process much simpler. The files live on a secure server so your ideas are safe. Only the team members have access to the documents and files, no matter where they are.

So now, if your graphic designer is in Pittsburgh, and your copywriter is in San Francisco, they can both access the same document at the same time. So, how does this work? One person on the team creates the master document, and saves and indexes it into DocuVantage OnDemand. Once the document is created, each team member, depending on their permissions, can edit the document, add notes and send messages and all the communication is saved in the system with the document.

This eliminates emailing the entire team each time a change is made, reduces overwrites, duplicate work and will accelerate the marketing review process. Now that you've reviewed and approved the marketing document, what's next? The completed document is marked as final, and you can upload to the medium of your choice, knowing each version, communications and approvals live in one secure area with structured, easy to find access from anywhere.

What used to take days, and sometimes weeks, is now streamlined. Just imagine how much faster your process could be. How can DocuVantage OnDemand help your next marketing campaigns?