Case File Management

Case File Management is an important function for many organizations. Insurance companies handling claims, transportation companies handling damage or loss claims, law firms and Public Defenders handling legal cases, all have numerous documents associated with the case that must be collected and managed to support their case. Without a good solution in place, files get lost, damaged, or misplaced. The efficient and effective control of case files directly impacts the outcome of the case.

According to Forrester Research, case management will continue emerging rapidly over the next couple of years to support four primary needs:
  • Investigative: Meeting increased demands for transparency from regulators, auditors, and litigants
  • Incident Management: Focusing on lean operations by methodically identifying and eliminating “incidents” that fall outside standard process parameters
  • Service Requests:Better management of costs and risks involved with processing various customer-service transactions and requests such as consumer loans, mortgages, insurance claims or health benefits.
  • Fulfilling the increasing number of citizen requests of government agencies and meeting taxpayer demands to respond quickly and cost-effectively.
With DocuVantage OnDemand® you and your team can instantly capture, distribute, store, and manage case documents and data. Information is accessible from an Internet connection and is stored in a secure, centralized location. Compliance with government regulations is more easily accomplished with permanent online document encryption, electronic storage, and custom privacy settings restricting access.
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy user adoption
  • Filing rules enforced
  • No hardware required
  • Share information with Case Management Systems
  • Know who has touched files
  • Support telecommuting