Higher Education

higher-educationHigher Education invokes visions of ivy covered campus buildings, a busy student union and legions of students drinking from the fountain of knowledge. But often the reality is much less poetic. Mounds of paperwork are requiring more and more time and attention from your staff. Enrollment applications, financial aid, transcripts, tuition bills, housing, food services, contracts, security, all these and more contribute to documents that must be dealt with by your staff instead of focusing your limited resources on important matters. Every year you are tasked with doing more work without a budget to match. So counting pennies is as important as counting the minutes you are wasting on tracking all these documents.

Whether you are a small community college or a multi--campus university, you must always keep your focus on maintaining a balance between attracting and maintaining a top-notch student body and faculty while adhering to the strict regulation of student records retention, grant and financial aid submissions, homeland security information, etc. How can you keep your operating costs down as your responsibilities only go up? DocuVantage has your answer.

DocuVantage OnDemand® has a solution for you to maintain a secure, single online repository for your documents. Every document, paper, email, fax, etc is available for secure access using an Internet connection.

  • Imagine the end of misplaced, deleted or lost documents.
  • Imagine the ability to access any document, record, transcript, application with a few mouse clicks.
  • Imagine not needing IT resources to manage and support an application.
  • Imagine not having to budget for software and hardware upgrades and maintenance because these responsibilities are taken care of.

You will now have a single location that everyone can view documents simultaneously. And if changes are needed, authorized users can edit documents and share revisions with the entire group. Workflow allows you to automate routing of documents to specific areas of your department without having to manually duplicate the process each time.

DocuVantage OnDemand works in all areas of higher education. Several departments can share this resource for a fixed and budget-friendly monthly subscription. No application hardware to buy, no IT department to consult with and no long setup time. You can be up and running today, not months.

DocuVantage also can provide document management solutions for the K-12 market. Please contact us for details. info@docuvantage.com

  • Rapid Deployment=Rapid ROI
  • You can be up and running today
  • Minimal training for all staff with the user friendly, flexible interface
  • Easily manage and store all records, documents and images regardless of format
  • Know the status and location of every document in your system
  • Enable staff members to view, share and collaborate on documents simultaneously
  • Easier compliance, faster reporting and staffing efficiencies
  • Never misplace a document again
  • Allow staff to focus on the university business, not extraneous minutia.
  • Eliminate rows of filing cabinets and the costs associated with file storage
  • No hardware, software or IT resources needed; we manage the application 24/7
  • Disaster Prevention