Integrating Faxes and Emails

Into Your Document Management System

Emails and faxes are an important part of information flow. Maintaining storage and easy access to these important business communications improves customer service, routine business processes and regulatory auditing.  Don't let your mail and faxes become orphans; include them in your document and email management system.

Document And E-mail Management System

Store emails in the system for archival. E-mail software was not designed for long-term storage and does not perform well when people store large quantities of e-mails.  Capture and store faxes with fax document management instead of in a file cabinet.

  • Automatically route inbound e-mails into the document archive for later retrieval and review.
  • Index e-mails automatically by key fields and enable full text search of their contents.
  • Index attachments and automatically OCR image files for full text search.
  • Capture faxes from virtually any fax server for storage in the document repository.
  • OCR standard fax images for full text search.
  • Eliminate privacy concerns by routing faxes electronically instead of printing them.

Integrate your E-mails and Faxes into your Workflow

E-mail and fax management is very important for all workflow processes, as they both contain valuable information.  Improve your workflow processes by automating the capture, storage and retrieval of e-mails and faxes.

  • Enable e-mails and faxes to initiate workflows by triggering your business rules.
  • Combine e-mails and faxes as part of overall workflow documents and packages.
  • Create distinct business rules for different types of e-mails.

Integrate your E-mails and Faxes into your Records Management

E-mails and faxes can be business records.  As such, they need to be included in your records retention policies.  Do not leave these important records in electronic backups or file cabinets.

  • Include e-mails and faxes in your standard records management policies by type.
  • Set up special rules for e-mails and faxes.
  • Ensure that e-mails and faxes that are business records are retained and purged correctly.

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