Contract Management Process Automation

An NGO/Non-Profit Success Story

Across the world, men, women and children see and experience disease, cancer and infection every day. HIV in Zambia and Ethiopia, avian flu in Indonesia, cervical cancer in Zimbabwe, and many more. In many countries, people battle these illnesses without the knowledge as to where they contracted such viruses, what to do to treat it, or how even to survive the outcome. 

Nonprofit Document ManagementIt is the purpose of many nonprofits to take action in resolving these global health issues and to establish and provide resources to struggling people who have nowhere to turn. Their mission is to educate, inform, prevent and control such health tragedies. Providing these resources is the first step in their mission. Their challenge is to provide these resources in the most efficient and quickest way possible.

Miscommunication between nonprofit employees, misplacement of an important health care document, or the loss of crucial information regarding family health and treatment can cost a life. With people's lives and health at such high stakes, the last obstacle we should be worried about is the nonprofit back office processes.

A $70M+ international organization, is a nonprofit that educates and helps others to prevent and control disease abroad. They are dedicated to improving health care for the world’s most vulnerable populations in countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Thailand. With offices in 30 different countries, with over 500 employees worldwide, they design and implement effective, hands-on solutions to strengthen the delivery of health care services across the globe. They work with communities, governments, and organizations to build sustainable local health systems and offer suffering societies a place to turn, a place to learn and a place to get healthy.

The Challenge

As a premier nonprofit healthcare organisation they work to improve the health of families in more than 140 countries. Although they face new challenges every day, they are always still seeking to expand their provisions to those in need in new locations. This requires 

Contract Managementauthorization for an overwhelming amount of diverse documents. These documents include cooperative agreements, grants, contracts, consultant agreements, leases, non-disclosures, power of attorney and more. For a single document or agreement, the multi-step review and collaboration process requires five or more individuals, including internal employees, customers and external partners located both domestically and internationally.

The original process for contract management involved seeking approval from individuals around the globe. It was also a paper-based process, making it extremely difficult for collaboration and lengthening the amount of time needed to complete a transaction. The documents under review needed to be routed, signed and then faxed or mailed overseas.

With time of the essence, they needed a solution that would speed up the process. They wanted a system to automate the review process electronically, and monitor when and by whom documents were accessed and edited. Ultimately, they needed to increase the flexibility and speed of the contract review process. They knew that by more efficiently executing contracts, their mission could be carried out more effectively, reaching a greater amount of people in a shorter amount of time. 

The Document Management Solution

They chose DocuVantage's electronic contract management software to replace their manual review process to increase their overall business efficiency and better carry out their critical mission. The software, DocuVantage OnDemand®, securely stores information in a secure off-site data facility and enables virtual access for approved users through an online portal. The system tracks user access and enables collaboration with version control. Best of all, contract management for nonprofits have an automated process for reviewing documents as well as electronic signature capabilities. Automated contract management speeds up the execution of contracts, enabling this NGO to more quickly and effectively work towards their goal.

The Benefits

Not only are they executing contracts faster, but they are saving money by going paperless and eliminating printing, faxing, copying, mailing and the need for physical storage of documents. The savings can now be directed towards serving their mission of reducing health vulnerabilities and saving the lives of many.

They now have a disaster recovery plan for their documents and can meet their compliance requirements more easily. Global offices can now access their documents and information from anywhere. They have the full-time support of the DocuVantage team and a document management system that grows with them as their needs and efforts expand.

Global Processes include: Contractual Document Review Automation, Vendor for Basis Selection, Travel Authorization Automation, Consultant Services Agreements, Contractor On-Boarding, Credit Card Authorizations, Work Order Reviews/Approvals, Program and Site Visit Monitoring and more.