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HR Management Tip #3: Access and Manage Time Sheets and Vacation Requests On Demand

As a continuation of our DocuVantage series on "HR Management Essentials: Tips for Controlling the Chaos Online," today we are talking about time sheet management, another one of the many responsibilities of a Human Resources department.

HR Management Tip #3: Access and Manage Time Sheets On Demand 

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Many companies require that signed time sheets be turned in weekly and are sending them through inter-office mail envelopes or faxing them. The time sheets then need to be reviewed and approved, and the paper or e-mail starts to pile up. 

By implementing an online document management system, especially in a company with remote offices, the time sheets would no longer be mailed (saving money), they would be easily accessible within a moment of being completed (saving time) and you would now have them securely stored electronically for as long as your company requires (ensuring compliance) and you have also eliminated the risk of losing them.

You also may be finding it difficult to ensure that vacation time that has been requested is recorded and easily accessible to prevent overlapping requests.  With a document and information management system in place, the review and approval process can be automated. Alerts can be set to remind management when a vacation request needs to be approved and then notify you when the requested vacation will take place so that you can plan staffing needs. Employees can also monitor the progress of their request and reduce the number of times they ask you where it is.

What other areas of HR can you use this?

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