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Document Management Contract for NJPA Members Awarded to DocuVantage

Competitive procurement process results in partnership to provide electronic document management software solutions to schools, governments, and non-profit organizations.

TAMPA, FL, August 31, 2011 -- Document Advantage Corporation has announced its selection by the NJPA, National Joint Powers Alliance, to serve as a preferred provider of Electronic Document Management Software and Services to its fast growing membership of 35,000 organizations.

Now, NJPA members can begin working immediately with a premier document management provider without undertaking a complex, expensive, and lengthy RFP process. NJPA is a member-driven buying cooperative serving public and private schools (K-12 and higher education institutions), state and local governments, and non-profit organizations across the U.S. and Canada at no cost or obligation.

Document Advantage Corporation, also known as DocuVantage, is an industry-leading provider of DocuVantage OnDemand, an integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) document, information and business process automation solution for commercial, non-profit, healthcare, financial services and government markets.

A certified WMBE company, DocuVantage has been assisting businesses with their document management, workflow and compliance needs since 1999.

"We are proud and excited about this new partnership with NJPA", stated Jana Wiggins, CEO of DocuVantage. "And we are confident in our ability to bring the most powerful, yet affordable document management solution to thousands of new clients. We are looking forward to long and mutually beneficial relationships."

DocuVantage's document management expertise reaches back over two decades. Their flagship product, DocuVantage OnDemand is a web-based subscription solution that was the industry's first enterprise-class content management SaaS platform to include web document capture, indexing, global OCR/text content searching, rules-based workflow, email archiving, and records management compliance.

Under NJPA contract #051311-DAC, members can purchase DocuVantage software and services easily and affordably to streamline their organization with an immediate return on investment. Capture, share, edit with version control, route, track, control and securely archive all documents that drive business processes while maintaining compliance.

NJPA, a non-profit government agency, establishes and provides national and competitively bid cooperative contracts for municipal governments, educational and non-profit agencies across many industries. Each NJPA-vendor contract and procurement detail is available to all members in 50 states and Canada.

Bruce Orgrodnik, NJPA Contract Manager states, "In our mission to provide the highest quality and purchasing convenience to our valued members, we adhere to stringent policies and protocol in assessing and awarding contract holders. DocuVantage's long-standing history and success providing products and services to the markets we serve is a great value-add. Our members now have access to a partner with the expertise and products to help them streamline, automate and reduce costs within their business. We look forward to our partnership."

About NJPA

NJPA, a non-profit government agency, establishes and provides nationally leveraged and competitively solicited cooperative contracts for municipal governments, educational, and non-profit agencies across many industries in the U.S. and Canada. NJPA creates a business and service relationship alliance between buyers and suppliers. NJPA serves over 35,000 member agencies throughout the nation with competitively bid and awarded purchasing solutions from industry-leading vendors. For more information, visit

About Document Advantage Corporation

Document Advantage Corporation was founded to provide organizations affordable, flexible and easy-to-use document management solutions and expertise that not only meet your needs today but also continue to grow with your organization. DocuVantage OnDemand, our Software as a Service platform (SaaS), includes document capture, document management, collaboration, business process automation and records management technology enabling you to easily move the documents and information that drive your organization while maintaining compliance.

Whether you begin with secure online file storage that can be accessed from anywhere, or you need to automate your business processes while integrating with other business applications, we can help. Visit us to learn more or give us a call at 866-367-3467 ext. 1.
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Buying Document Management and Using Document Management are Two Completely Different Things

About 15 years ago, before I was associated with DocuVantage, I learned the difference between buying document management and using document management.  This was in the days when the only way to buy document management was to buy software licenses and then install the software on your servers.

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Online Document Management - As Government Moves to the Cloud

The United States government has issued a mandate for federal agencies, stated simply, “move to the cloud”.  Federal agencies are now required to take a “cloud first” approach.  If an application exists on the cloud and is cost-effective, reliable and secure, then the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requires the agency to use the cloud application by default.

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Would Online Document Management Have Prevented the WikiLeaks?

As I read more and more about the leaking of US government documents, I can’t help but wonder what type of security was in place.  In recent times, WikiLeaks has gained access to 400,000 documents detailing the Iraq war and more than 250,000 documents from the state department.  Given the volume of documents, it seems doubtful that the documents were stored in a document management system with multiple levels of security permissions.

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American Unemployment, Is It the Natural Progression of Technical Darwinism?

Unemployment is the cause of anger, frustration and worries about the economy.  Neither political party is immune from the backlash.  The House of Representatives changed hands, incumbents from both parties were tossed out and the approval ratings for all are dismal.

But is it fair to blame government or our political parties?  There is a school of thought that blames deficit spending for our economic troubles.  There is another school of thought that blames our economic condition of the lack of government spending.  Are our taxes too high?  Are our taxes too low?  What is the correct balance for economic growth and stability?

Many blame globalization as the cause for unemployment.  With companies outsourcing everything from manufacturing to accounting to programming, the loss of American jobs to overseas workers is an easy target for unhappy and/or unemployed Americans.  So what should the government do?  Should they increase import taxes on foreign goods?  Should the government penalize US companies for outsourcing?  Keep in mind that in a global economy, the United States also exports goods and services.  What we do via taxes could also happen to us in reverse.  So what’s the right answer?

These are the questions that the American politicians debate and as we watch CNN, FOX or MSNBC, we debate these same questions.  However, regardless of your point of view, we may need to look at another question.

Are technological advances causing a decline in employment?

When Henry Ford created the first production line for cars, he increased output, productivity and the workforce.  Early on, technology increased labor because it enabled output and production to meet demand.  Early technologies enabled the American worker to achieve more.

Today however, technology can displace people.  Any task that is repetitive can be automated.  This is true on the factory floor, and it’s also true in an office environment.  How many bank tellers have been replaced by ATM’s?  How many bookkeepers have been replaced by accounting software?  How many retail clerks have been replaced by e-commerce sites such as

It’s true that ATM’s need to be maintained, websites are modified and accounting software is updated.  But the number of ATM technicians is far less than the number of displaced tellers.  The same is true for clerks and bookkeepers.

As technology advances, more and more specialized skills are needed.  Unfortunately, the number of people needed does not replace the number people displaced.  Those with technical abilities thrive and those without, as Darwin might say, are the ones that die out.  

This new economic and technical structure could be one of the root causes for our current economic problems.  Add to that, outsourcing and government spending to see the big picture.

Even with infrastructure projects such as bridges, roads and dams, or investments in new technologies, the picture does not really change.  Bridges, roads and dams are big projects that create a lot of temporary jobs during the construction phase.  Once built, without more projects, these jobs disappear.  New technologies such as renewable energy will help.  But again, they will fall into the same economic Darwinism.

So what does this have to do with our usual topics of online document management and workflow?  Well, what’s true for individuals is also true for organizations.  Those with the right technology thrive.  Those without, well you know Darwin’s thoughts.

Companies are the driving force behind any economy.  For an economy to grow, companies need to innovate and prosper.

So maybe the problem is government.  Maybe the problem is outsourcing.  Maybe the problem is technology.  Or maybe the problem is not having the right technology.

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DocuVantage Newsletter Posted

Electronic Document Management September 2010 News

Recent News, Events and Articles related to Electronic Document and Content Management Solutions

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Visibility and Transparency Create Efficiency

Usually you hear about visibility and transparency as they relate to government.  Politicians are always describing how government needs to be transparent.  They talk about providing visibility into their processes.  Given that many people are suspicious of government; these two key words evoke a feeling that you can watch what government does.  But who watches government?

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White House CIO Making the Clouds Rain

Are you getting the help you need to run your government office? With the current doom and gloom surrounding budget cuts and the reduction in work forces, it is no wonder each day becomes more challenging than the last.

Leading the charge to face some of these challenges is the White House CIO, Vivek Kundra. His mission is for agencies to transition from out-dated and expensive-to-maintain hardware and software to more cost-effective, green and vendor responsible technologies.

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DocuVantage to Showcase Online Document Management and Process Automation at the 2010 Florida Association of Counties Annual Conference

As Florida County Budgets Shrink, County Departments and Agencies Turn to DocuVantage to Maintain and Improve Services.

Tampa, FL. – June 1, 2010 – Budget cuts can cripple departments. Don’t let this happen to you. Learn how automating the manual processes that consume so many of your resources can save your department.

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How Do You Protect Company Info With Remote Workers?

Your company has already suffered from budget cuts, and you have transitioned a portion of your employees to "virtual" home offices. The LAST thing you need is to feel insecure about where your business files and information are as they leave the company network...

So how do you protect your valuable documents with remote workers? Here's a checklist with the most important aspects to consider when looking for an affordable and secure solution for information access and file storage:

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