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White House CIO Making the Clouds Rain

Vivek Tundra, US Federal Government Chief Information OfficerAre you getting the help you need to run your government office? With the current doom and gloom surrounding budget cuts and the reduction in work forces, it is no wonder each day becomes more challenging than the last.

Leading the charge to face some of these challenges is the White House CIO, Vivek Kundra. His mission is for agencies to transition from out-dated and expensive-to-maintain hardware and software to more cost-effective, green and vendor responsible technologies.

Will these new initiatives and cheerleading make agencies tasks easier or work smarter and not harder? The key is in the education and mandates. Most of us do not adapt to change. In order for the initiative to be a success, more education is needed. Purchasing agents need more information, and they need a reason to change the way they buy. What’s in it for them they ask? After all, the purchasing agents are not typically in the first line of layoffs- who would be able to fill out all the paperwork if they were gone?

They also must be incentivized to learn about the new technologies that are available and the purchasing contracts that can be used to make everyone’s workday more productive and less stressful. As a department director, will these changes alleviate the pounding in your head and relieve some of those knots in your back? Possibly, especially since the newer cloud computing and software as a service applications put the burden on the vendors instead of the customer. Now your staff can focus on their goals which shouldn’t include troubleshooting their technology tools.

Let It Rain

Kundra spends his time educating agencies on the myriad of new technologies available to them that will allow more efficiency and more transparency in providing services to their customers. Many days, he can be found traveling in order to promote and explain strategies on how cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), and advances in information security are changing the way organizations operate.

To learn more and benefit from the applications that are available visit the website. There you will find information about how Cloud Computing creates sustainable, more cost-effective IT services. Under the portal, a service provided by the GSA, you can find pre-approved Cloud and Software as a Service applications that are available to you and more in-depth information on apps that focus on business productivity, cloud IT services and social media. It’s time to clear out the clutter, shred the paperwork (not to mention, headache inducer), and move the applications that make sense into the cloud as others have already done.

The GSA has already pre-negotiated the contract pricing ensuring all government mandates and requirements have been met and new applications are being used daily by Government agencies, thanks to the one step process.

Look around your office; do you see inefficient paper processes that cause bottlenecks or lost information? The technology is available and won’t take months or years to receive an ROI, won’t take your staff away from their core tasks in order to implement and won’t require your IT services to break away from their core focus.

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