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HR Management Tip #2: Automate Your Review of Resumes Online

Managing Resumes ImageAs a continuation of our series on "HR Management Essentials: Tips for Controlling the Chaos Online," we now want to discuss a couple of the challenges Human Resources face in managing a new-hire and recruiting process.

Tip #2: Automate Your Review of Resumes Online

As part of their responsibility, HR departments spend much of their time working with potential new-hires and recruiting for open positions within their organizations.  The number of cover letters and resume submissions an HR department receives from interested applicants can be overwhelming. And, typically the information submitted by each applicant needs to be accessible to many different company individuals responsible for making the decision on hiring. Without an online resume management system, these files can be difficult to track, distribute and review. 

However, what if the HR Department had an electronic document/resume management system in place? New hire applicant information would be easily accessed and routed to managers for consideration and comments, and the HR Department would be able to track who has read the file, inserted notes and could review comments instantly and move the applicant through the process much faster. 

In addition, because these documents are kept within the online application, there is no need to print copies or clutter an inbox with email attachments.  The online document management system helps you go paperless.

Once the decision to hire an applicant is made, the details of the employment must be discussed and agreed upon.  Offer letters are drafted, contracts are negotiated. 

Online document management and version control can help with the tracking of these documents to ensure it is clear which contract contains the most current information, and once an agreement is reached, the records and contracts may be sent through the system for electronic signature internally and remain in the online application.  

Some companies require a 90-day new-hire probationary period for employees.  To assist in this process, a solution may be put into place to draft, review, collaborate and store performance reviews for the new-hire and comments and concerns from managers.  All of this information can be added to the official personnel file of the employee and remain there throughout their employment and the mandatory retention period.

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