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HR Management Tip #4: Manage and Distribute Policies, Procedures & Forms On Demand

As the fourth tip in our "HR Management Essentials: Tips for Controlling the Chaos Online,” series, today we are talking about managing company policies, procedures, manuals, handbooks and required forms by keeping them up-to-date with an online document and records management application. 

Manage Policies and Procedure Forms OnlineTo be sure your company's internal communication is clear, keep the most accurate and updated versions of these documents where employees and management can locate them with ease by making them available online.  

When faced with an audit, this solution also helps because companies using an online document management system will no longer need to worry about proving that they communicated the proper policies. The information distribution, and each version, is tracked and documented within the electronic document management system.

HR departments are also required by government regulations to collect, maintain and store many employment related documents.  These may include I-9 employment eligibility forms, W-4 tax withholding forms, W-9 forms for contracted workers, insurance and benefit forms and credit history information, just to name few.  Uploading and organizing this information to an online document management system will make it easier and less costly to comply with government regulations.  And for companies with high turnover, keeping these documents electronically allows you to securely maintain confidential information until your records retention has been satisfied. The application will also notify you when it is safe to purge the document from your system. Those filing cabinets that are using costly space - you can now get rid of them.

With an online document management solutions, managing HR information becomes an automated process, protecting businesses from legal issues.

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