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5 Ways Document Management Helps You Work Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to the success of your organization, there’s a huge difference between work and intelligent work.

Brainless, haphazard work – work without that impetus of intelligence to propel strategic direction – does more harm than good. It’s unwork, actually.

The good news is that properly implemented document and content management strategies gets you on the right side of that dangerous divide between unwork and intelligent work.

Here are 5 ways digital document management gets your company working smarter:

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DocuVantage Presents to Cloud Computing East Conference in DC

DocuVantage had the pleasure of speaking on Healthcare Cloud Architectures at the Cloud Computing East Conference in Washington DC.

Topics covered were Cloud Architectures; What are they and why do you care? Various service models such as SaaS, PAAS, IAAS and CAAS were explained. Dave Wiggins, CTO, discussed deployment models and what that means for an organization; public, private, hybrid or some of both as well the clients, datacenters and connectivity needed for various business challenges. Do you need real time access to Imaging, Patient Records, Accounts Payable, Personnel Files or Policies and Procedures.

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7 Ways “Fear of Document Management” Is Holding You Back

If you like wasting time with inefficient processes and you welcome mismanaged mayhem, then a real document management system with powerful workflow software, records management and email integration is not for you.

You like things the way they are, no matter how broken down, beat up and tapped out your workflow engine is. We know what you’re thinking, more or less:

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SaaS Document and Workflow Management: More than Just “Folders in the Cloud”

The document management system has been revolutionized, to put it lightly, by Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing: streamlining services, cutting costs and customizing the user experience.

What is SaaS?

SaaS, Software as a Service, is a software distribution model in which applications and data are hosted in the cloud (i.e., internet) by a vendor or service provider and delivered as a subscription. This takes a great deal of hassle and frustration off your plate.

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Document Control: Boost Business Practices & Organizational Awareness

Networks and storage drives quickly get cluttered when documents are scattered and mismanaged. Most companies ignore robust document control practices because they aren’t aware of how crucial these practices actual are to the success of their organizations. Don’t let your business fall victim to the additional time and effort wasted when you need to track down who’s holding onto (and who’s accountable for) the latest version of a file.

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Security, Reliability and Availability of SaaS Document Management

Security, Reliability and Availability of SaaS Document Management

Managing your business documents and content has never been easier. With the advent of progressively better document management software applications, you can streamline your marketing content management and enterprise content administration using a variety of hosted workflow process automation and document management programs which ensure security, reliability and exceptional document sharing and accessibility features. This affords you controlled business continuity and collaboration measures, bolstering the overall efficiency of your business.                                                                               

SaaS Document Management and Security of Your Content

Unlike on-premise document management systems which could expose your data and information to an array of risks--which could result in catastrophic losses--many SaaS document management software packages safeguard the security of your business documents. You would never have to worry about the risk of data losses resulting from fire, flood or employee incidents among others.

Better still, many guarantee the confidentiality of your documents. This is because with these solutions, you can include settings defining who can have access to what type of information. This means that you as an administrator have the authority to ensure that critical business content is available only to the designated team members in your organization.

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Five Reasons to Store Your Business Documents in the Cloud

Five Reasons to Put Your Business Documents in the Cloud

You certainly would like your business to grow infinitely and optimize your returns, wouldn’t you? You also probably understand that data and information are integral to smooth operations in your business, right? Losing useful data through accidents and malicious actions by people could result in unimaginable losses in your business. The following are five reasons why you should consider putting your business in the cloud to avoid data losses and enhance efficiency.

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Reduce Email Overload with Proper Document Management Initiatives

The average knowledge worker gets 100 emails a day and spends nearly 40% of their day dealing with emails. Just think how many of those are related to endless relaying of documents.                                                                                       

You know the drill; someone writes a report or an RFP or marketing piece and it gets emailed out to XY and Z. They look it over and send it back—to “everyone”—with revisions. “Everyone” looks it over again, tries to figure out what changes were made and then emails it back with their revisions…to “everyone”.

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Things Your Employees Should Not Be Doing 101: Document Management

 You probably don’t want your employees to be wasting time on things like…

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Yoda Says: Read Document Management Best Practices from Star Wars, You Will

I love Star Wars. I've watched the original trilogy at least 50 times, but yesterday, I realized something new that I never noticed before.

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