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Improve Customer Service with Document Management

Customer_ServiceBusinesses looking to gain an advantage over their competitors know that providing excellent customer service is the defining factor that puts them ahead.

They take the time and invest in their customer service systems and automate their business processes to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. It could be as simple as being able to retrieve information faster than their competitors, and being able to do so doesn’t go unnoticed by potential customers.

An easy way to get started improving and investing in your customer service is through a document management system. By organizing your documents and automating your business processes in a structured, controlled management system, you’ll spend less time searching for documents and more time helping those who are most important: your customers.

Here are 3 benefits of using a document management system for your customer service needs:

1. Answer Customer Inquiries Instantly

Imagine that a customer calls with questions regarding your product or service. That information is typically stored on a document your business has created or a customer has submitted. Without a document management system, the person taking the call will have to put the customer on hold, leave their area to locate the document, return, and then answer the customer’s questions. What happens if that employee can’t find the information? How will the customer feel being put on hold only to not have their question answered?

Being able to answer customers quickly and accurately is important. With a document management system’s search and retrieve capabilities, the employee has instance access to documents and information - never having to put a customer on hold. 

2. Easily Share Documents

Occasionally documents need to be exchanged between you and other employees. The difficulty there is that without a document management system, these documents get sent through email – clogging up your email servers and creating duplicate copies of the files. But with document management software you now also have a log of who has accessed or taken any action with the file.

A document management system allows for easy secure sending of documents to and from the system, making it easier and faster to communicate with customers.

3. Secured Information

No matter what industry your business is in, it’s always reassuring to know your customer’s information is safe and secure. With a document management system you can control who has access to what information, no longer have to worry about important and sensitive documents being left around the office, and have all your files backed up onto a secure sever in an off-site facility.  Your documents are encrypted during the whole process, while they are being transferred and when they are stored.

Your business has the power to turn its customers into its greatest advocates and promoters or into its harshest critics. It all starts with how your customer service helps meet their needs.

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