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HR Manager: 10 Reasons You Should Manage Documents Online

The amount of paperwork that an HR Manager is required to maintain, not only for internal purposes but in accordance with government regulations, can be overwhelming and frustrating if you don't have a clear process to manage documents. Health and life insurance plans, claim forms, retirement planning options, personnel records, performance reviews, and new-hire recruiting – all amount to piles of paperwork for every HR Manager.

HR Manager: 10 Reasons You Should Manage Documents Online

With online document management, files may be uploaded with ease, routed automatically based upon a desired workflow, and accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. It can be used to organize, simplify, and optimize all of the duties and responsibilities of an HR Department saving significant time, money, and resources.

Here are 10 reasons every HR Manager should manage documents online:

  1. Enhanced security
  2. Remote online access
  3. Simplified document search and storage
  4. Decrease in printing and administration costs
  5. Workflow automation
  6. Version control for editing
  7. Renewal alerts for important documents and contracts
  8. Secure document storage
  9. Disaster recovery protection
  10. Lower cost ability to provide information necessary for an audit

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