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Environmental NGO Chooses DocuVantage to Manage Personnel Documents

Environmental NGOTrying to keep track of and manage paper documents for over 100 employees and thousands of volunteers - across 12 locations - is difficult. But it was becoming exceptionally burdensome to this environmental NGO’s HR team. Sending files to their varied locations meant duplicating, copying, and faxing large amounts of paper that quickly became unmanageable. Needing a more efficient and greener solution, they began searching for a way to go digital.

This HR team knew they needed a solution that would allow them to easily access and share documents securely between locations without adding more applications and servers for their IT staff to maintain. After considering various solutions - such as Box and DropBox - they chose to use DocuVantage OnDemand for managing personnel files and gain control of the documents critical to their organization. DocuVantage OnDemand offered the HR team the ability to index data and workflow capabilities that made it possible to properly track and managed documents, features that weren’t available to them through Box and DropBox.

Additionally, a primary reason they chose our solution is the ability to segregate and secure records, providing access to only those who need it. This was useful to their initial implementation, which included four workflow processes to streamline HR and an additional archive for storing background screening records.

Workflow Capabilities

During their onboarding process, records are gathered and reviewed before being finalized. With each new hire, the HR team needs to be assured that all of the documents have been received, reviewed, and signed. Our workflow in DocuVantage OnDemand allowed them to create a checklist of documents that were included in the new hire package. The documents are then routed to the appropriate reviewers, ensuring that the package has been completed and that the documents are correct.

Once an employee is on board, there are benefit documents that need to occasionally be signed. Those documents must make their way back to HR from the remote locations that submitted them in order to be reviewed and processed. With documents now being sent electronically, this process is easier and quicker than ever before.

Automating Processes

Additionally, as with most organizations, there is a process for employee relations that deals with complaints and misconduct. These documents also need to be routed through managers, supervisors, and sometimes legal to be processed. Having an automated process allows for them to ensure that each submission is processed without getting lost or misplaced.

Using our alerts and deadline features allows them to keep the processes moving to ensure timely responses and our tracking information lets them know where every item is at all times.

To help streamline the solution even further, we are sharing information with their ADP solution to eliminate duplicated data entries.

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