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How Document Management is Like the Game of Soccer

2010 FIFA World CupIt’s World Cup time! Time for hard work, teamwork and dedication. With the combination of these important ethics and the addition of technical skill, success is achieved.

Just as a soccer team creates and executes a strategy, a document management system is about strategy, organization and execution. If executed correctly, the game, or document management system, runs smoothly. So how is document management like the game of soccer?

The document management vendor plays the assistant coach role. Just as the assistant coach of the U.S. Men’s National Team, Lubos Kubik, has 20 years experience at both the professional and international level, the team of your document management vendor will include experts in the field. The vendor will have worked with organizations across various industries. As the assistant coach has dedicated his time and efforts to training the team to its best ability, the document management vendor will train your organization’s employees to make sure your document management implementation and on-going use is successful and effective. The key is to get everyone on the same page.

As the whistle signals game time kick-off, or in other words, once the system is implemented, the show is on. The soccer ball can be compared to your important business document(s). The purpose of soccer is to get the ball from one end of the field to other, to its final destination, GOAL!!! With a document management system, your document is entered into the system through scanning, uploading, or browsing. Once the document enters the workflow, it is moved from employee to employee, through the approval process, just as the soccer ball is passed from teammate to teammate. Anticipation is absolutely vital. Team players know where the ball is headed next. As one player releases the ball, it is sent on to the next person, just as once the employee has completed his or her task with the business document, it is automatically pushed through the workflow onto its next task.

Meanwhile, the head soccer coach decides who takes the field. He decides who plays where and when. He directs strategy and movement. Similarly, the management team of the company decides who has access to what documents. Through secure login settings, management regulates which documents are accessible to specific authorized people.

As the soccer team works together to get the ball to where it needs to be, the business document goes through its entire life cycle, until it has reached the end of its retention period. The forward takes the ball to the goal and shoots, SCORE! Your document management system alerts you that it is time for a specific document to be purged. Now, you are able to dispose of the document after it has fulfilled its business purposes. Done and done.

A soccer team dedicates time and practice to be able to perform to the best of its ability. With committed preparation, the team’s execution can be flawless. A document management vendor strives to continuously make improvements to make its system of highest quality and effectiveness. As the vendor dedicates its time and efforts to a successful implementation, your organization will be streamlined, more effective and organized, and in result, more profitable. Nothing beats a winning team!

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