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8. Implementation is easy. Daily use is even easier. Just go to your browser!

From implementation to daily use, software as a service document management is as easy as searching with your Internet browser.

Your online document management vendor will first speak with you to gather the key information needed to assess your needs, set up and activate your account. Your organization can be worry free, since the implementation is the vendor’s responsibility. They will take care of this for you!

DocuVantage Login ScreenFrom then on, you only need to worry about logging into the system. To do this, you simply pull up your browser and login to the online portal.

To find a document, you can navigate to the search tab and search for the file according to file attributes such as document title, date, author, etc. OR you can do a text search, by simply entering keywords that may be included in the document.

Corporate Records Search Screen resized 600Are you a key person in the process of creating and filing documents? Your life has just gotten so much easier.

You will now drag and drop the electronic document from your computer right into the document management system and it will present the key fields to enter the “metadata” or information about that document. Once you save that document, it will be available to anyone that has permission to access that type of document. There are other ways to insert the document into the system such as through importing and browsing, but we have covered the most basic here.

Are you managing paper documents too? Not a problem! In that case you will use your scanner or multi-function device to scan and image the document right into the system for other users to access and view. Now you can do the work that really matters instead of pushing paper around the company.

What else could you do? How about if when you put the document into the system it would automatically route to the people who needed to review and possibly sign off on the document? If you are in the healthcare industry, you might be receiving faxes, and you are required to be HIPAA compliant. Now those faxes can be captured electronically and routed to the appropriate person without ever being printed. Only now, they are secure and protected.

To ensure your company is compliant in its records management policy, add the document management records retention functionality and have the system tell you when you are legally required to purge that document. Do not retain documents forever, thinking it is easier that way and on the safe side. Bad things could happen when you retain longer than required just as bad things can happen if you are not retaining documents correctly.

So, why is a web-based document management solution beneficial to your organization? Time savings across many areas are increased i.e. implementation, user adoption, access from anywhere, return on investment and new functionality is deployed seamlessly. Costs are reduced from many perspectives i.e. no hardware or software costs, no IT resources are needed, increased security, and new users can use the system immediately without the traditional learning curve. What is the biggest advantage? You have immediate access to your documents and information.

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