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6. Immediate and universal access to your documents.

Have you left a document you needed to review back in your office while you were travelling? Or have you needed someone to review a document so you can complete a task you were working on only to find out that they were out of the office? What if you needed multiple people to review or approve a document and they worked in different offices in different countries? All of these can be frustrating unless you use an online document management system.

Worse yet, without an electronic document management system, documents can be lost. Even if not lost, it takes time to get a document from one person to another. If you are making copies of documents, then you run the risk of having people reviewing out of date copies. Let’s face it; paper is no longer the medium of Global Accessbusiness. Unfortunately paper is not going away anytime soon.

Let’s use a real life example from one of our customers. Imagine that you work for a global charity that deals with a large number of contracts and agreements on a daily basis. Each of these documents requires a review and approval process. Each process used to start with one individual, who completes his or her specific task, and then faxes or overnights the document to the next step in the process for execution. Some of these documents are even being sent overseas for signatures authorization, making it extremely difficult for collaboration and lengthening the amount of time needed to complete a transaction.

Now with an electronic document management system, the process is much more efficient. The process may still start with one person creating a document. However, when they are done with the document, it is automatically routed to the correct person for review, approval and electronic signatures. If the next person in the process makes changes to the documents, the revisions are tracked so that everyone in the process can collaborate on making sure that the document reflects the needs of the organization. Each time someone is done with their part of the process, the document is automatically routed to the next person in the process until it hits the stage where it is a final approved document. This happens across offices, across time zones and across countries.  No more waiting, no more reviewing out of date documents and no more lost time due to a manual process.

Even if you are not dealing with offices across the world, with a web-based platform, users can access the system from anywhere at any time, domestically and/or internationally. Not only is this great for international companies, but also for any organization that wishes to give its employees the option from working from home. With the online document platform, employees can securely collaborate together on specific documents from all over the world without having to mail or fax paper files. When finished reviewing, they check in the document, in which it will be automatically routed to the next appropriate person in the review or approval process.

Even if everyone in your organization works in one office, using online document management software can speed up your processes. I know this for a fact. Before document management, it was just as easy to lose a document on my desk as it was to lose one in the mail.