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4. Data backups? What backups? Who was supposed to be checking those?

Someone else now has to worry about information security, backups and support.

Backing up your business critical information is, of course, extremely important for any organization. Although tedious, it has to be done. But wouldn’t it be nice if it were done for you? Truly, you have other things to worry about. So why add extra work when you can and should be handing off the work to someone else who will ensure it is done automatically and validates the process each time?

With SaaS document management, the vendor is responsible for the backups. If they do not protect your critical information, then you have no need for their application. They must guarantee the protection. This is one less task that your IT team has to be focused on.

Additionally, the SaaS vendor will provide on-going technical support and will also train your staff on how to use the document management system.

Software Updates and BackupsIn the case of a subscription-based solution, the vendor must be proactive, innovative and immediately responsive to their customers’ needs. They understand that in order for your business to run at top speed, you need your document management system up and running 24/7; therefore, they should always be available to support you. Software as a service vendors do not have the luxury of collecting a lot of money up-front and then ignoring you. After all, you can always turn the application off if you are not completely satisfied!

SaaS document management is very different from the old license-based applications that held you hostage and charged you for upgrades. Even worse, when they stopped supporting the application, you had to pay migration fees to move to the new, improved version.

In the case of software malfunctions, the vendor's support is there to provide solutions immediately because you are not the only one having issues; every one of their other customers would be experiencing the same issue since they are running on the same application as you. Your vendor’s sole purpose is to keep you happy 24/7. Consequentially, they should be providing great support, regular application updates/enhancements and backups, while preventing disaster.

Choose the right document management software vendor, and you will be well taken care of.

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