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DocuVantage joins Google and other SaaS and Cloud-Computing Providers on Apps.Gov

The White House's initiative to provide a source to facilitate easy identification and purchase of cloud services by government agencies is now available using the Apps.Gov portal.

The cloud initiative's goal is to modernize Information Technology (IT) by identifying enterprise-wide common services and solutions and adopting a new cloud-computing business model.

What benefits are being communicated to agencies to encourage their adoption of cloud and SaaS solutions?

They include:

  • Significant Cost Reduction: Cloud computing is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT services, eliminating upfront capital expenditures and dramatically reducing administrative burden on IT resources.
  • Increased Flexibility: Cloud computing provides on-demand computing across technologies, business solutions and large ecosystems of providers, reducing time to implement new solutions from months to days.
  • Access Anywhere: You are no longer tethered to a single computer or network. You can change computers or move to portable devices, and your existing applications and documents follow you through the cloud.

  • Elastic Scalability and pay-as-you-go: Add and subtract capacity as your needs change. Pay for only what you use.
  • Easy to Implement: You do not need to purchase hardware, software licenses or implementation services.
  • Service Quality: Cloud service providers offer reliable services, large storage and computing capacity, and 24/7 service and up-time.
  • Delegate Non-Critical Applications: Cloud computing provides a way to outsource non-critical applications to service providers, allowing agency IT resources to focus on business-critical applications.
  • Instant Software Updates: You are no longer faced with choosing between obsolete software and high upgrade costs. When the applications are web-based, updates are automatic and are available the next time you log into the cloud.
  • Sharing Documents and Group Collaboration: Cloud computing lets you access all your applications and documents from anywhere in the world, freeing you from the confines of the desktop and facilitating group collaboration on documents and projects.


DocuVantage, provides DocuVantage OnDemand; a business productivity suite that includes document capture and imaging, archiving, rules-based workflow, collaboration and records management compliance. DocuVantage is a GSA and Apps.Gov vendor.

To learn more about how SaaS solutions assist with information management, watch the DocuVantage Video on SaaS.

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