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How In-house Protections Put Your Document Security at Risk

Secure Online Document ManagementBusinesses often believe their in-house security is enough to keep their information safe; it’s not.

Security policies and preventive measures often go unenforced and are difficult to monitor.

This leaves a business open to a list of potentially devastating problems:

  • Server and record storage rooms are unsecure with no restricted access
  • Malicious codes and viruses can easily be uploaded to the computer system
  • Employees leave critical information out in the open
  • Documents are taken out-of-office either physically or digitally, then lost or stolen
  • Dismissed/disgruntled employees (or human error) deletes files from the company’s system

All of these problems can potentially have a catastrophic effect on your businesses. Here are 3 ways an online document management system can help you solve these problems:

1. Multi-level Security

In order to access documents, a user must log in with a username and password. Administrators can regulate which employees have access to certain documents, making sure information is only seen by those it’s intended for. This also prevents users from having the ability to delete company files, eliminating the worry of rogue employees attempting to sabotage your company.

Additionally, if an employee is away from their desk for an extended period of time, the system will automatically log them out to prevent unauthorized access.  

2. Cloud Access

With information available and accessible through a secure, online portal at any time, employees no longer need to copy documents to their laptops or take physical copies home. This eliminates the possibility of documents being lost or stolen and also benefits you by cutting down on clutter.

3. Regular System Back-ups

The application always maintains the previous copies of a document so that even after edits are made you can see how the document was prior to an edit. All information placed onto the system is stored on an off-site Tier IV data facility. With multiple security levels, redundant power, and redundant networks, not only are your documents secure, but they are also safe from natural disasters. 


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