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A Major Cause of Operational Inefficiency for Most Companies

mismanaged documents, document storageMost of the companies we talk to have four common problems that dramatically decrease their operational efficiency:

  1. Documents are mismanaged and stored all over the place (never in one central location).
  2. Limited or no access to documents when they really need them, especially when they're out of the office.
  3. Employees spend a good portion of their day searching for documents and pushing them from one person to the next.
  4. There are so many versions, they never know which one to use.

Eventually, the mess becomes so frustrating that they come to the conclusion that they need a new system for storing their files. Dropbox and Google Drive are usually the first place they look, because at least their files will be stored in the cloud and easily accessible, right?

Wrong. These types of online document storage systems aren't what you need. 
Although they allow companies to get their documents under one central location and put a band aid on some of the issues, they don't solve the problem of their document management process.  Sooner rather than later, companies find themselves right back where they started.

Before you spend time and resources transferring files from one system to the next, it's critical to first map out your document process. What types of documents do you have and how do they move throughout your organization?

Once you know that, you can begin to tackle the root problem – and ultimately create a more efficient workplace environment.


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