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Catastrophic Data Loss Can Destroy Your Company - Are You Prepared?

Only 6% of companies that undergo a catastrophic data loss actually survive. That's not good!

Document Risk Management

According to research from the University of Texas, 43% of companies that experience a catastrophic data loss will never reopen and 51% will end up closing within 2 years. Even worse, 44% of these disasters are caused by system malfunction.

While natural disasters like fire and floods can be devastating, human error can destroy just as much information. If someone spills a cup of coffee on a stack of files or within a file cabinet, will that information be lost to you forever? How will you recover data from an employee’s stolen laptop?

That's why it's important to think about document risk management. Unfortunately, most of us don't and it may very well lead to our own demise.

How to Shield Your Company From Disaster

One way companies can prevent disaster is to use an online document storage and management system. It's a cost-effective and secure alternative to the traditional (and more risky) methods of file back-up, such as file cabinet storage, external hard drives and portable flash drives. 

When you manage your documents 'in the cloud', all information is stored in an online data center – preferably at a secure Tier IV facility (meaning all information is safely kept off-site). There's no need to worry about physical damage to file cabinets, computers, server rooms, etc.

In addition to the built-in document risk management plan, your organization will be saving on storage and document protection costs – without having to constantly worry about back-ups.

Some companies that have experienced natural or accidental disasters have never been able to fully recover from the financial impact. Don't let an unexpected disaster be the cause for the failure of your business. As the Girl Scouts say, "Be prepared!"

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