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Definition of LEGACY

of, relating to, or being a previous or outdated computer system <transfer the legacy data> <a legacy system>

As a company, we at DocuVantage are seeing increasing evidence of the dramatic acceleration and adoption of “Cloud” based technologies and the transformation of the traditional business process.

As a “Cloud” technology provider participating at the center of this remarkable evolution, we see this transformation first hand, both in what our clients seek to accomplish using our technology, and in the conversations and collaborations we participate in on an industry level.

It’s also important to note that due to our close involvement in the day-to-day needs and activities of our clients, we see evidence and trends that are not always reported on in the industry press or by market research firms – In fact, its more often the case that we see these trends in dramatically different ways than industry research may indicate.  Here are some simple observations – any one of which stands as a potential research topic on its own –

–      Accelerated adoption of “Cloud-Only” solutions (Also evidenced in the reduction of in-house IT investments) as “requirements” by certain organizations.

–      Accelerated adoption of “Business Process Automation” solutions (BPA/BPO) to address more departmentally focused objectives (as opposed to more traditional enterprise level objectives).

–      Accelerated investments in departmental solutions as opposed to IT mandated company standards…  A relaxing of the requirement to embrace company-wide IT standards.

–      Accelerated adoption of “operating-expense-based (OPEX)” (or subscription-based) commercial models and the dramatic departure away from traditional software licensing models that are often capital-expense (CAPEX) centric.

–      A less publicized, shift away from additional deployments of on-premise / licensed software in lieu of SaaS/OPEX.  We are seeing this, even in organizations where investments have been made in legacy solutions. 

Enterprise level Document Management and Business Process Management solutions have historically required on-premise, otherwise known as legacy systems, to provide the functionality desired by organizations that are streamlining operations to reduce costs and save time. When you consider the time, expense, and attention required by legacy approaches, it becomes increasing obvious why organizations are moving to embrace cloud solutions and their business models so rapidly.describe the image

DocuVantage OnDemand completely eliminates the need for these legacy systems by providing the same or often better functionality in a cloud based system.  Again, stating it simply, ours and other Cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for in-house servers, databases, administrators, backup tapes, software roll-outs, updates, etc…   All of the issues that have traditionally slowed the progress of business systems are now increasingly obsolete.


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