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Time to Spring Forward with a Document Management Detox

document spring cleaningAfter such a wicked winter, the first buds, blossoms and bird chirps of spring are certainly a treat: frozen noses to ambrosial aromas and frostbitten ears to sweet symphonies. Everyone knows this weather is ripe to refresh your space, but why limit the sparkle to grunt chores and junk drawers? Clean out, spruce up and organize your files with a dose of disinfecting, structure-flexing document management.

  1. GET RID
    Review your records and purge all files that have reached their retention deadlines. Keeping those records is not only a waste of space, but also leaves them open to discovery in the event of legal action.
  2. BE SURE
    Do an extra round of file checkup: a second review of your records to make sure all required documents are present and a quality check on all scanned images. Then go a little broader to review record categories. Are there additional record types that should be managed? Are you keeping and purging according to accurate record retention guidelines?
    Take a good gander at your document indexing structure. This is an analysis you should do every year to ensure you’re capturing the best quality and right quantity of data. If you realize you’re overloaded with data, or you aren’t capturing enough, make adjustments as needed.
    It’s time to hash out your process flow. Do an in-depth workflow analysis each year to keep processes updated, relevant and as streamlined as possible. Did a rule or law change that requires you to add or remove steps? Do you need to adapt operations to a recent audit finding? Are there new opportunities for process automation?
    Validate your access controls and make sure you’ve kept up with staffing fluctuations. Does anyone need broader access? Should anyone’s access be restricted? What about denied altogether?
    Thank your boss for making your life easier with a document management system featuring workflow management software that untethers you from cloudy chaos and keeps productivity pristine.

Now that was some spring cleaning worth bragging about. But don’t stop now …

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