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A Tool for Keeping Your Creative Staff Happy and Productive

Online marketing agencies succeed or fail on the quality of their creative work.

They must maintain an environment that nurtures highly creative employees. Managing creative people is difficult. Creatives are happiest when they have little supervision. They intensely dislike doing routine tasks and paperwork. The recent rise of content marketing as a cost effective message delivery vehicle results in an issue for many marketing agencies.

Effective content marketing requires the constant production, delivery and repurposing of content assets on an ongoing basis. The volume of articles, blogs, e-Books, email campaigns, landing pages, podcasts, social media posts, videos, webinars, white papers, etc. that must be managed results in a daily need to find, track, label and manage those content assets. Exactly the kind of work your creatives despise.

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In major advertising agencies, creative people are buffered from administrative work by assistants who attend to necessary but routine chores. This helps to keep the creative happy, but has the added benefit to the agency of not paying a creative person’s hourly rate for what amounts to clerical work. Most online agencies can’t afford to hire full-time assistants for their creative people.

There’s another, more cost effective solution to this issue.

DocuVantage’s OnDemand is a campaign content repository that enables users to automatically store, label, route and retrieve all types of content assets. OnDemand generates structure around marketing content so that your creatives can easily find any asset at any time from any place.

Features include:

> Revision control which provides users with a history of each asset and the ability to roll back to an earlier version if desired.

 > A content check-in and check-out guard that prevents users from wiping out each other’s edits.

 > A routing mechanism for reviews, edits and approvals using an integrated messaging function (rather than relying on an external email platform).

 > An available integration with the HubSpot platform, streamlining your content publication process when using HubSpot.

For one hourly rate of an assistant, you can give your creative personnel the administrative support and workflow processing of OnDemand for a month!

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