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Choosing HubSpot as your Inbound Marketing Campaign Platform

Being a technology company we certainly have the ability to create websites.  As a matter of fact a few years ago we moved from a site we created with HTML to a site built in Joomla.  At first this seemed like an ideal solution.  We started adding plug-in after plug-in to add functionality to our Joomla site. 

After awhile it got out of control.  Between core code updates and updates to plug-ins we were spending more time web-mastering than we were marketing.  And we’re pretty sure that the whole point of having a website was so we could market across the Internet.

Enter HubSpot…  We needed to improve our Internet marketing so that we not only attracted potential customers, but also converted potential customers in to actual customers.  We needed a complete solution that had the tools we needed so we no longer had to maintain any underlying software. We also needed a solution that everyone including management could edit if needed.

You’d think this would be obvious for us as we are a software company that provides document management software to our clients via a software-as-a-service model.  Our customers don’t worry about managing our software; all they have to do is let our software manage their documents.  Well the same exact concept applies to HubSpot.  Why should we manage website software?  Shouldn’t we have software that manages our website?

While we have not moved off of our Joomla platform completely; we have over 700 pages in our site that would prove to be a daunting move, all of our inbound marketing campaigns rely upon HubSpot.  We use it for our blog, our landing pages, our lead funnel, our lead nurturing, all website statistics and competitive analysis.  HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing platform that handles all of your inbound marketing campaigns.

Previously we had to combine Joomla with plug-ins,, e-mail software, Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics.  Now we just need HubSpot.  This makes it much easier to manage Internet Marketing versus spending time on managing a website and its software.

A few months ago we decided to integrate DocuVantage OnDemand with HubSpot.  We use DocuVantage OnDemand across all areas of our business including marketing.  DocuVantage Inbound Marketing Campaign Managementenables us to collaborate on inbound marketing campaigns, route content for review, edits and approvals, and securely store our content for later use.  With years of content in our systems, the structure that DocuVantage provides is invaluable.  It means that any employee, or approved vendor, can find any content regardless of when it was written, who wrote it, who stored it and what it was used for.  This is the power of DocuVantage.

Our integration between DocuVantage and HubSpot has added a feature to DocuVantage, the ability to publish our blog content directly to HubSpot.  Given that our blog is completely HubSpot, this is extremely helpful in streamlining the creative process from idea to published content.

For current HubSpot users we are offering a launch special by invitation only.  If you are a current HubSpot customer and you would like to manage all your marketing content in one place, apply for a 3 month FREE subscription to DocuVantage OnDemand for HubSpot.  This is a time sensitive offer so don't wait!


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