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And We Have a Winner

Congratulations to Dustin DeTorres.  Dustin has won a free ticket to HubSpot’s Inbound 2012 conference courtesy of DocuVantage.

As a sponsor of Inbound 2012, DocuVantage will be showcasing the integration between DocuVantage OnDemand and HubSpot at Inbound 2012.  To help celebrate the integration we decided to give away a free ticket to a lucky HubSpot user.

To win, applicants had to tell us their biggest marketing challenge.  DocuVantage then picked the winner based on their submission.

So who is Dustin DeTorres? 

Dustin works for Highwinds, a content delivery network (CDN) and IP services business that offers a comprehensive suite of CDN solutions with a focus on the Gaming industry with their game delivery network

Dustin has over 11 years of B2B marketing, content development and lead generation experience in both the technology and healthcare sectors.  He was co-founder of Statzer Media Group in Miami and continues to consult with numerous B2B companies on their social business initiatives. 

He is currently Highwinds’ Social Media Manager and manages all of Highwinds’ external social presence, the training of internal social best practices, social selling initiatives, social media monitoring, content development and lead generation strategies.

 So Why Did Dustin Want to Go To the Inbound Conference? 

Here’s why in his own words:

“The consumer behavior is changing.   Technology directly impacts people’s decision to buy your products or services.  Unfortunately, most businesses don’t get it. Your business must position itself as a thought leader, provider of helpful information during the buying process as well as start building an awesome impression / relationship along the way.  Fact: 80% or more of the buying cycle is done BEFORE your prospects reach out to your sales people. 

Most Executives don’t care about Twitter and Facebook.  They want to see their objectives met and exceeded so we marketers need a way to associate a dollar sign to the social and content marketing goals that we are working so hard on.  We need a tool, like HubSpot, to help us focus on the marketing channels that are working the best. 

That’s why I wanted to go.  Content, Inbound Marketing and Analytics is the present and the future of marketing so I wanted to learn from and network with the industry’s leaders in this space!”  

So Why Did We Choose Dustin?

We too believe that “Content, Inbound Marketing and Analytics is the present and the future of marketing”.  We’ve also taken that a step further with DocuVantage OnDemand for HubSpot.  It’s no longer good enough just to produce content.  Now you have to produce so much quality content that it requires a marketing content management platform.  This is where DocuVantage OnDemand for HubSpot comes in.

Here’s a short video showing how DocuVantage OnDemand can enhance not only your HubSpot usage, but all of your marketing.

Look interesting?  Join Dustin and DocuVantage at Inbound 2012.  And don’t forget to apply for our Inbound 2012 Special Invitation for HubSpot users that would like to try DocuVantage OnDemand for HubSpot.

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