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3 Reasons Why Document Storage Isn’t Enough

If you are searching for a document storage solution to organize and secure your business documents, you are on the right path to improving your business. However, document storage is only one item you want to look at when it comes to selecting the right solution for you.

3 Reasons Why Document Storage Isn’t Enough

If your documents are located in various places like file cabinets, desks, and a hard drive then finding these documents is not only time-consuming, it is also negatively impacting your business. The Band-Aid for this common issue is to use network storage for your documents. But the long-term solution that will ensure lasting success and company growth is to choose a document management system. Here are 3 reasons why document storage isn’t enough:

1. There is no document control

After solving the issue of document storage by creating a folder structure on your network drives, you will encounter problems with document control which is non-existent in document storage solutions. With network storage you are dependent on employees self-managing the folder structure. Multiple employees have copies of the same documents and can make changes that will overwrite what other people have done. This can get out of hand very quickly and make version control a nightmare.

With online document management, you are able to create a structure that mirrors the way you work. By incorporating your own requirements and terminology, you can implement a system that is easy for everyone to use and eliminate the ad hoc creation of scattered folder structures. The system will manage the documents for you, so that all users can focus on getting the work done instead of worrying about whether or not they are in the correct version.

2. It does not foster collaboration

Employees are often very busy keeping up with their daily tasks and projects that they don’t always have time to collaborate with one another. Email communications make this separation more distinct as employees communicate back and forth on various projects, all the while emailing different versions of the same documents. When a user sends a document via email, it is unmanageable and difficult to trace all of the communications related to that specific document.

With online document management, you can keep documents in the system instead of emailing copies. Users can send messages and attach notes without losing control over their documents. When a user sends a message with a document link using the system, the document version controls are still in place protecting the integrity of that file. This messaging system allows for increased collaboration and better workflow amongst staff.

3. There is no process control

The benefits of document storage solutions are obvious after organizations have suffered through the paper to network storage transition. But document storage is only a first step. You want to make sure you have a system in place to help you with process control since almost all business processes have documents at their core. Document storage solutions are far from able to do this for you.

With online document management, your business can become truly efficient by automating your processes. This will allow you to codify corporate knowledge into repeatable results, ensuring your lasting growth and success as a business. This will also save everyone from wasting time and effort on unnecessary activities.

When researching the best solution, it's critical to consider these features.

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