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Health Services NPO Cuts Contract Turnaround and Aces Audits With DMS

It is the purpose of many nonprofits and NGOs to take action in resolving global health issues and, to establish and provide resources to struggling people who have nowhere to turn. Their mission is to educate, inform, and strength healthcare workers and systems.

Providing these resources is the first step in their mission. Their challenge is to provide these resources in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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Document Management System Contract Management Saves NPO Thousands

As a nonprofit product development partnership (PDP), TB Alliance collaborates with many external partners globally in their quest to discover and develop better, faster-acting, and affordable drugs to fight tuberculosis.

In support of their contractual collaborations, they originally used a SaaS NGO/NPO contract management system competitor, but glitches, more cumbersome system features than actual benefits, and poor customer service left them in need of a new document management platform. Since choosing DocuVantage one year ago, they haven’t looked back.

Click here to read the case study and learn how TB Alliance integrated document management for a reliable and customizable contracts administration process that saved over $22,000 annually, reduced document retrieval time by 50%, and reduced contract record setup time by 30%.

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The ABCs of Contract Management for NGOs and NPOs

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are jumping on board with a very popular trend in process improvement; automated contract management. To be fair, though, contract automation is not so much a transitory “trend” as it is an essential, sustainable ingredient in NGO and nonprofit management.


Streamlining and automating contract lifecycle management and compliance with a cross-operational electronic document management system not only eliminates the worries of back-office operations, but also drives more efficient execution of mission goals.


So you want to become a successful and tech-savvy contract manager? That’s a respectable goal, and it’s also not as complex as you may think. Here are four down-to-earth tips to elevating your contract administration efficiency:

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Nonprofit Success Story: Global Nonprofit Executes Contracts Faster with DMS

nonprofit contract managementThere's a lot at stake working for a nonprofit, NGO, or NPO.

You have a mission to fulfill, and limited resources to fulfill it in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It's easy to lose sight of your cause when your backend processes take up all of your time. What you need is a workflow to help your mission accomplish itself.

We've discussed the benefits of a document management system for business process improvement, and for the next few weeks we'll be posting real-world Nonprofit and NGO Success Stories.

A $70M+ international nonprofit organization educates and helps others to prevent and control disease abroad. However, expanding their services to 140 countries requires a sophisticated contract management system. Here's how they addressed that problem with DMS, and how the savings in time and money helped them focus on their mission to save lives.

Read their success story here.

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4 Signs Your Contract Management System is Hurting Your NGO/NPO

We'd reported on a study conducted by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), which opened our eyes to the rampant inefficiency plaguing the contract lifecyle management (CLM) of countless organizations – companies and NGOs/nonprofits sweeping the gamut of industry type, geographic location and size.

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NGO Contract Management and Compliance Solutions at 2011 InsideNGO Annual Member Conference

Non-governmental organizations are accelerating contractual document review and approvals four-fold, increasing compliance and controls with DocuVantage’s cross-ops solutions.

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Process and Execute Contracts in Hours Not Weeks

When it comes to managing contracts there is no doubt your day can take a bad turn.  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the increasing volume of contracts or the challenge of keeping up with the changing regulatory and auditing requirements?

If you are not using current technologies in your contract management process, you may be losing valuable time in providing goods and services, which in turn affects how fast your receivables come in.  Stop the practice of beginning work on contracts before contract execution.  By providing your contract management professionals with the needed tools to automate the process, you will not only stop the ongoing criticism related to delayed contract processing times, but you can also remove the bottlenecks associated with manual processing.

Where Are Your Contracts?

From the procurement process of landing a contract to delivery, there may be several people and several steps involved, even before execution, that generate vast amounts of paperwork.  This challenge increases even more when multiple delivery partners are involved or the contracts are delivered overseas and require international governing compliance and reporting.

Avoid confusion, delays and loss of control on your contracts with an easy to implement, cost effective web-based contract automation solution.  A few basic questions to ask when evaluating a solution:

•    Can you easily, search, retrieve and track contracts in each stage of processing?

•    Does it provide a check in and check out feature and stores each version in one central location?

•    Are there multiple levels of security depending on user access needed?

•    How does it avoid duplication of the contracts when edits are made?

•    Does it allow you to customize the workflow to relate specifically with your organization, including task assigning capabilities?

•    Can stakeholders electronically sign the contract from anywhere?

By asking these questions and more, you can clearly understand the different benefits and functionalities when choosing a document management system for contract management automation.  

With DocuVantage On Demand®, staff can access contracts from anywhere, using a web-browser, to complete their assigned tasks.  Contracts will move through the automated process that will assign tasks based upon your business rules, track activities to ensure that important tasks are completed in a timely manner, while providing a transparent view to remove bottlenecks and maintain compliance controls.

For more information on automating your contract management process please visit:

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Nonprofits Profit From Great Customer Service Using Document Management

If you work for a nonprofit organization then you know that your organization has two missions, not one. The first mission is what your organization is chartered for. The second mission and I will admit that I am using this term loosely, is to raise money to fund your first mission.
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International Non-profit Healthcare Organization Chooses DocuVantage OnDemand® for Contract Records Management

In search of an online document management solution to replace their manual contract management system, our international non-profit client chose DocuVantage OnDemand®.  This organization provides their healthcare services to over 30 different countries and wanted a solution that would provide accessibility to their documents from both domestic and international locations. More specifically, the non-profit was in search of a solution that would:

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