SaaS Document Imaging, Business Process and Records Management Application Now Available through the GSA

GSA's Approval Offers DocuVantage OnDemand® to Government Agencies at Discount

In an effort to better serve government agencies with more affordable and easy-to-implement solutions for information management, DocuVantage has been awarded a contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) for its Software-as-a-Service document and business process management platform.

This contract (Number GS-35F-0208T) recognizes DocuVantage OnDemand® as an affordable yet secure online information management tool for government agencies to capture, route, manage, search and safely store their documents and information in one central location.

DocuVantage has a history of providing solutions to government agencies, contributing to their constant efforts to increase efficiency and communication while guaranteeing compliance to all regulations and budget constraints. 

DocuVantage’s contract with the GSA
serves the purpose of helping government agencies improve their document and business process management practices so DocuVantage Contract with GSAthey can eliminate antiquated, inefficient and slow paper-based systems and avoid litigation and other consequences related to mismanagement of records. 

A subscription to DocuVantage OnDemand® is available to local, state and federal government purchasers at an attractive discount through the GSA contract.  The application provides solutions in problem areas such as records management, paper and electronic file storage, security controls of access to information and inefficient workflow processes.  It facilitates user-friendly services making it easy to implement across departments to help solve many of the biggest challenges faced by government agencies everyday. 

The benefits include: 

Unlimited Online Storage and Protection

Easy Capture, Search/Find Capabilities

Business Process Automation

Cost Efficiency and Discount Pricing

Infrastructure and Application Security

Records Management Compliance

Email and Fax Management

Version Control/Tracking Revisions


To get started managing your information more efficiently today sign up for a Free Trial, or visit GSA Advantage!®, for more details on your pre-approved GSA pricing for DocuVantage OnDemand®.

Unlimited Online Storage and Protection

  • Securely store and access your documents using your web browser; your documents are stored in a single repository, allowing for a virtual office environment and eliminating the need for file cabinets, expensive real estate and searching through shared folders.

  • Email archiving capabilities ensure that your information is stored regardless of employee turnover, helping you maintain compliance.

  • Increase space as needed with ease, no equipment to purchase.

Easy Capture, Search/Find Capabilities

  • Upload documents easily by dragging and dropping files from your desktop, browsing, importing or even using a scanner or multi-function device.

  • Index and search for the document(s) you need according to file classifications, i.e. keyword, author, category or document title. The application uses OCR and Text Search to read the text on the pages you upload, making it as easy to locate information as searching on Google!

  • Improve your response time with staff, customers and auditors by now having the ability to locate your information in seconds.

 Business Process Automation

  • Set up a rules-based workflow within the system to push documents to the appropriate people in the business process, ensuring tasks are being completed in a timely manner, documents aren't left sitting on someone's desk and the information is efficiently moving through the business processes.

  • View exactly where each document is in the business process, monitoring all inputs and outputs.
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks that can increase overhead and decrease service.

Cost Efficiency and Discount Pricing

  • Because DocuVantage OnDemand® is a SaaS application, it is offered with a low monthly subscription fee.

  • The contract with GSA extends a 10% discount, and volume discounts are available for all DocuVantage modules and services to government purchasers.

  • Cut operational costs in your organization, while ensuring that your department continues to provide necessary services as you face cut-backs and remove overhead costs such as couriers, storage, faxing, and duplicating/printing costs.

  • With DocuVantage OnDemand®, there is no equipment to purchase and no need for additional IT support.  We manage the application and its upgrades 24 hours a day and 365 days per year with a guaranteed uptime service level agreement. Your IT resources can focus on their core tasks without the burden of another application to learn and maintain.

Infrastructure and Application Security

  • In using DocuVantage OnDemand®, your electronic records are stored and protected within Equinix, a global, secure Tier IV data infrastructure, guaranteeing that your organization’s security requirements are met. 

  • Within the application, you can control each staff member’s permissions, allowing each individual minimal or maximum document access privileges.

  • Use notification settings to alert you when a document has been changed.  Track the status and location of every document in your system, as well as who is viewing and editing the files.

Records Management Compliance

  • Manage a document/record from its creation to its disposition providing a secure repository for accurate and reliable business records.

  • Set retention controls and alerts to minimize the risk of audit and litigation.

  • Eliminate paper document storage, resulting in zero time searching for lost or misplaced documents.

E-mail and Fax Management

  • Store emails in the system for archival; e-mail software was not designed for long-term storage and does not perform well when people store large quantities of e-mails.

  • Automatically route inbound e-mails into a workflow for review and processing.

  • Automaticaly route inbound faxes into a document repository or workflow for review and processing, eliminating the need for printing, e-mailing or watching the fax machine to adhere to HIPAA compliance.

Version Control/Tracking Revisions

  • Collaborate on documents with ease by using the check-in/check-out feature found in DocuVantage OnDemand®.  Only one user may edit a document at a time; other users will view the previously saved document.

  • Find the most recent document version without confusion.

  • Remove the need to re-invent the wheel when a document is lost; all versions are stored and can be accessed in a single repository. 

  • Save time by limiting unnecessary version formatting that is required in traditional collaborative environments.

To order DocuVantage OnDemand® today, please visit GSA Advantage!®, GSA’s one-stop online shopping and ordering system. Or, for more information on our government solutions, visit our web site.  You may also contact us at