Online Electronic Document Management News for December 2013 - Newest Upgrades and Enhancements

DocuVantage December 2013 Newest Upgrades and Enhancements Newsletter | Online Enterprise Contentand Document Management
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December 2013 Upgrades and Enhancements Newsletter


Have you used Master Detail Archives Yet?

Archive Alerts

Compare Versions of Word or Excel Documents in your Audit History

Automatic Check-out 

Add Notes to Folder Items

Administrators Can Check-in Any Document

Administrators Can Create and Modify Vacation Proxies for User

You can control Access to Accounts by IP Address or Address Range for Even More Security

Finding Items in Large Dropdown Lists Becomes Easier with Auto-complete Dropdowns!

Cascading Dropdowns

Form Scripts

Server-side Form Scripts

Indexing Folders

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Use Notes to Add Information Relevant to Your Documents 

Notes are a great way to add history to your documents. While revision control will show you the history of changes, notes can be used to add context to the logic behind a document.

Remember you are writing the note not only for yourself, but also for others who may not have the historical perspective that you have.

The note feature is very easy to use. Just click on the note icon and add your text. Once you save your note it becomes a permanent part of the record for that document.


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Have You Used the Master Detail Archives Yet?

Another type of Archive available is called the Master/Detail Archive.  A Master archive is configured to allow adding records that contain data about a set of documents, a set that does not change often, but is related to many documents.  An example would be Personnel Files. The information about the person is common across all documents stored for that person and should only be stored once, instead of with every document. The Detail archive would typically contain fields related to an individual document.  For more information contact us or read more under Archives/Add Master Detail Archive in the DocuVantage Help section.

Archive Alerts

Archive Alerts are alerts setup by the Administrator that are automatically created on records in an Archive based on a date field on the archive form.  You can also set up rules based on other fields on the form.  For example, if you have a dropdown with Contract Types and each type has a different need for reminders, you can use the rule to set the alert based on the value stored in the Contract Type field. For more information contact us or read more under Archives >Archive Alerts >Create Archive Alerts in the DocuVantage Help section.

Compare Versions of Word or Excel Documents in Your Audit History

Learn more about how to do this in Documents>Document Compare in the DocuVantage Help section.

Automatic Checkout

Sometimes you open a document to view it and realize changes need to be made. Now, you do not have to close it and then open it again in edit mode. Learn more about how to do this in Documents >Automatic Checkout in the DocuVantage Help section.

Add Notes to Folder Items

You can now add notes to each document inside a folder that also lives with that document. For more about folders, see Folder >Creating a Folder in the DocuVantage Help section.

Administrators Can Check-In Any Document

If a user leaves a document checked out, the administrator can check in the document without having to log in as that user. For more about document check-out and check-in, see All Checked Out Documents in the DocuVantage Help section.

Administrators Can Create and Modify Vacation Proxies for Users

An administrator can now modify the vacation proxies for other users. For more information, see the Modify User section in the DocuVantage Help section.

You Can Control Access to Accounts by IP Address or Address Range for Even More Security

For instructions on how to do this, go to the Security Policy section of DocuVantage Help.

Finding Items in Large Dropdown Lists Becomes Easier with Autocomplete Dropdowns 

In the past, you had to know what the item started with to be able to jump to it. Now, you can enter any part of the name and the list will be filtered for you. For example, if a dropdown contained a list of 10,000 first and last names and was sorted by last name, then you would have needed to know the last name or it would be have been difficult to find the person you were looking for. Now, if you only know the first name, you can enter it to filter the list. 

Cascading Dropdowns

Sometimes you want to filter the values in a dropdown based on the value selected in another dropdown. As an example: You are managing contract documents and you have three different categories of contracts and under each category, you have specific contract types. If you don’t want someone to be able select a contract type that does not belong to the selected contract category, you would set up a cascading dropdown. The user would first select the category, and the list for contract type would only display the types that are appropriate for the selected category.

Form Scripts

Form Scripting allows Administrators to add javascript to Archive forms, adding functionality to the form. The user sees the results of the script in real time. You can lock a field based on the user, you can change the background color of fields, and you can perform math functions on number and currency fields. As an example, you may want to require users to search on Patient ID and Patient Last Name to prevent them from viewing documents that they don’t need to see. The script will prevent users from searching unless they enter values in both fields. The database will not return any results unless the Patient ID belongs to the Patient Last Name. Additionally, if you have a list of tasks on the screen as a series of checkboxes, you can have the script enter users' names along with a timestamps when they check the box. Another possible example is to have the script add up a column of numbers and put the total into another field. To learn more, read the section in the DocuVantage Help on Form Scripting.

Server-Side Form Scripts

Server–side scripts are very similar to Form Scripts but they execute after the user saves the record so the user does not see the results unless her or she opens the record again. Server-side scripts also have access to our API and can access functionality and information beyond the screen that they are attached to. 

An example of this is if you wanted the system to check a box on the screen when the invoice had a matching purchase order already saved in the system.  When the user saves the invoice record that contains a purchase order number, the server-side script can query for the purchase order and check the box if the purchase order is found. Read more in the DocuVantage Help section under Server Scripting.

Indexed Folders

DocuVantage OnDemand is a structured filing system that requires you to enter data about each document entered into the system. The data is entered onto what we call Archive Forms. These forms contain data fields that can be dropdown lists, text, dates, numbers, checkboxes and radio buttons. 

Even though DocuVantage OnDemand is not a folder-based system, there are times when you need to have multiple documents attached to one data record. If the past, you could only accomplish this with compound documents which hold images, along with other document types. 

Now, you can now create an Indexed Folder containing multiple documents. Indexed Folders are much more efficient than Compound Documents since they do not need to open the viewer Applet and they do not automatically download the first three items as with Compound Documents.  Folders are also useful when you want to route a set of documents together in a workflow.


The Favorites portal shows a list of items that you have marked as favorites. All of the normal functionality is availabe to you in this list. To remove an item from your favorites, click the yellow Star icon.Items are added to your Favorites from your search results list.  When you search for documents, the results are returned in a list showing all of the items that matched your search. We have added a new icon to the list that allows you to mark an item as a favorite, making it earier to access from the Home Page.  For more information on Search Results, please visit the DocuVantage Help section.

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