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FEATURE ARTiCLE: Our Newest Integration Helps Companies Make Money

FEATURE ARTICLE: Immersed in the NGO World

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Register for Inbound 2012

DocuVantage will be a sponsor and attendee at Inbound 2012 in Boston, MA. August 27-30th. Over 2,000 inbound marketing professionals will join together for 3-days of workshops on marketing best practices.

Our team is excited, not only attend, but to also share tips on
 how marketing teams can automate document workflows.

Accelerate your marketing processes and learn a few new marketing tricks at Inbound 2012. Sign up today!



Use Notes to Add Information Relevant to Your Documents 

Notes are a great way to add history to your documents. While revision control will show you the history of changes, notes can be used to add context to the logic behind a document. Remember you are writing the note not only for yourself, but also for others who may not have the historical perspective that you have.

The note feature is very easy to use. Just click on the note icon and add your text. Once you save your note it becomes a permanent part of the record for that document.



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Our Newest Integration Helps Companies Make Money!

That’s right. Our newest release can help your organization increase its sales.  Usually when you think about document management the focus is on reducing costs. Document management is known for helping to reduce waste by eliminating lost documents, duplicated work products and lost time due to inefficiency. So how can document management help a company make money?

The key to increasing revenue is to increase sales. And while there are a number of ways to increase sales, one tried and true method is to increase the number of leads that your company gets. That’s where DocuVantage OnDemand can help.

By accelerating the marketing content creation process your marketing department can roll out new marketing campaigns faster. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the companies producing high volumes of quality content are the ones that get the most leads.

How do we know this?
We use DocuVantage OnDemand ourselves for our marketing team. Who can forget Sy Sperling's tv commercials confessing: "I'm not only the Hair Club president, I'm also a client!"? Well the same is true for us. We use our own product because it works!

All of our marketing content is stored in DocuVantage OnDemand. When new content is created it is routed to staff members for review and to management for approval. DocuVantage enables the collaborative process and eliminates lost edits and revisions, wasted time waiting on approvals, and allows us to publish our content to our blog with the click of a mouse.

We use HubSpot as our blogging platform, landing pages and more. Now we’ve integrated DocuVantage OnDemand with HubSpot. So in addition to all the benefits that DocuVantage brings to our marketing team, we now have a seamless way to manage our blog posts from creation to review to approval to publishing.

The best way to illustrate this is to watch our 2 minute video showing how DocuVantage OnDemand for HubSpot works. Even if you don’t use HubSpot this is a video that you will want to see. By the way, you don't have to be a HubSpot user to take advantage of this special and we can set you up right away!

Immersed in the NGO World

There are many rewarding aspects to working at DocuVantage. One of them is our involvement with our Non-Governmental/Nonprofit Organization clients.

When I look back at what our staff has accomplished over the years in our support of our NGO customers I see people around the world using DocuVantage OnDemand to help fulfill their mission. We have users in countries that include: Afghanistan, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda and Zambia.

For some of the bigger missions, our team has traveled in country to help create automated country-specific workflow processes. So not only do we have the satisfaction of knowing that our solution makes a difference, our staff have actually seen the difference we make in allowing these organizations to spend more time on their mission versus the tasks that require unnecessary time.

In the past we’ve written about how our contract process automation has helped NGO’s. But we have helped them expand their solutions to do so much more. Solutions used across continents include:

Invoice and Financial Reporting
NGO’s need to report on the usage of funds from the grants they receive.  Many NGO’s manage multiple grants across multiple regions of the world.  Accurate reporting ensures compliance with grant requirements.

Payment Requests
All organizations pay bills as part of their accounts payable process. Many NGO’s have the need to manage the approval process of payment requests from country locations to the home office. Additionally, not all payments are triggered by invoices; many are triggered by events which require a different set of approval processes.

In addition to capital requirements for administrative operations, many NGO’s have procurement requirements to fulfill their mission. The different types of procurements require varied approvals that are guided by automated workflows.

Staff Management
With remote staff in different countries, the onboard and exit processes have to be carefully followed to ensure that the NGO’s policies and assets are protected.

Sub-Grant Processing
In many instances, grant money flows from the NGO to third-party organizations in country. Every penny of grant money has to be approved and accounted for.

Travel Authorizations
While many organizations have staff that travels, NGO’s tend to have extensive travel requirements. By automating the travel authorization workflow process ensures that staff is in the correct place at the correct time and is key to fulfilling the mission.

Wire Transfer Authorizations
In country operations have to be funded in a timely manner. Automating the authorizing, validating and confirming wire transfer process ensures that country operations continue to run smoothly.

These are just a few examples of how we assist NGO’s. For more information on how we can help your non-governmental organization, sign up for our NGO Whitepaper, A Guide to Improving Efficiency So You Can Focus on Your Mission.

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