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Accounts Payable Automation Allows You to Work Anywhere

For many years, the people in Accounts Payable have had to work long hours to make sure everything is paid on time. This often meant either staying late at the office or carrying boxes of paper home with you. With cloud-based Accounts Payable Automation, you can now work from anywhere.


  • Do you really want to take invoices home with you?

This seems obvious, but why would you want to carry papers around with you? Wouldn't it be better for those times you need to work extra if you can just go home and connect to your work remotely?  Nothing to carry, nothing to lose.

  • Ever wake up sick enough to stay away from co-workers but well enough to work?

Sick days are hard enough to come by.  Do you really want to waste one if you are only slightly sick and you don’t want to spread it to your co-workers? Of course you don’t! With AP automation, you can easily access your work from home and keep everything moving.

  • Have you ever had trouble connecting to your office VPN?

Most people have, especially now with more people working from home. IT has been overwhelmed with trying to connect people through systems that were not set up to handle the sudden increase in load.  With a cloud-based solution, you don’t need the VPN and you can still access it from anywhere.

  • Do invoices stop just because you are travelling?

If you are like most companies, they don’t.  Your vendors still want to be paid.  They don’t care that you are at the convention; they need their invoices paid.  With a cloud-based AP automation solution, you can approve those invoices in no time, right from your hotel room.

  • How will you support work at home as the economy starts back up?

Even after the pandemic subsides and people start to ramp back up, companies have realized that they can still function with people working at home.  This means that they may start reducing office space and allowing people to remain at home.  Without an effective and efficient AP automation solution, you won’t be able to let your AP team work remotely.

When we eventually have this pandemic behind us, do you still want to have to go to work in the office every day? Many companies will be re-thinking office space and remote work as a permanent solution.  Why not be ahead of the curve?

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