Government Real Estate Document Management

Case Study: Real Estate Department of Hillsborough County


The Real Estate Department of Tampa-Hillsborough County, FL, was first introduced to government document management in 2003, when they saw other DocuVantage® software being used within other County departments.

The Real Estate Department is composed of three units:

  • Architectural Services, which handles development of County property
  • The R3M department (Repair, Renovate, Remodel and Maintain)
  • The Facilities Management Department, which handles maintenance and furnishings for County facilities

Real Estate Document ManagementIn its original phase, they envisioned DocuVantage® deploying an Electronic Document Management system to protect its architectural archives. The architectural archives contain blueprints of all County-owned property. The County currently has 1,079 rolls of plans, each containing between 4 and 150 pages, averaging 35 pages per roll. In addition, there are also 60-70,000 standard size pages of documentation. These blueprints are up to 50 years old, and the older ones are beginning to yellow and decay.

However, once the Real Estate Department learned that DocuVantage® applications were being implemented within other County departments, the project was enlarged to consider real estate document management solutions throughout the entire department.

From this reconsideration came three distinct phases, with a possible fourth. In preparation for these phases, the county purchased over $60,000 in system hardware including a large-format scanning station, a full-size plotter, 3 high-speed flatbed scanners and 2 medium-size printers. In addition, the Department has 3 terabytes of available storage space for effective records management.

Architectural Archives

The first step was to have all existing 1,079 plans scanned by a third-party to convert them to electronic images; thereafter, ongoing scanning will be done by the County. Approximately 25-30 employees utilize the real estate document management software from their desktops.

Real Estate Tech Services

Within this group are property managers, land agents and technical staff. They are responsible for buying and selling County land. This department currently has 17 filing cabinets of documentation for existing County-owned properties, which again was scanned for electronic storage and retrieval.

The third phase of the project was to convert Survey & Mapping files. These include Right-of-Way records, thousands of pages of blueprints, as well as 72,000 aperture cards containing microfiche records.

Using the DocuVantage® system for real estate document management, they can effortless scan, store and retrieve functionality eases the workload of County personnel while minimizing the space needed for files instead to a more productive use of their real estate.