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June 2009 Newsletter


Why Should I Go Paperless?

Shorten Your Opportunity-to-Cash Cycle

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Webinar: How to Use Electronic Document Management to Improve Your Nonprofit.

If you missed our May webinar feature for nonprofit organizations, you're in luck!  We have a recorded version available for you to review.  

The next DocuVantage webinar will feature "Tips for Using SaaS Technology to Win in a Down Economy."  Watch the July Event Update for your opportunity to view the recording. 



How to Set Alerts for Changes Made in Individual Repositories

Did you know that with DocuVantage OnDemand® you can turn on a setting to notify you when a document or record within your repository has been altered? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Login and click on the settings tab.
  2. Select “Edit Alerts”.
  3. From the drop-down box at the top, select the repository for which you want to set an alert and hit submit.
  4. From there you may select whichever setting you wish by putting a check-mark in the respective box. You may choose to be notified when any one of the following actions takes place:
    • Record is added.
    • Record is deleted.
    • Record is modified.
    • Document is viewed.
    • Document is modified.
    • Document is deleted.

Follow these same instructions if you need to edit your alerts.



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10-15% of an organization's revenues are spent creating, managing and distributing documents.*
*Sources for statistics include The Gartner Group and AIIM.



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Why should I go Paperless?

You've heard everyone talk about “going paperless”, but really, what is the benefit? If you've been feeling insecure about making the jump to storing and managing your information online, here are some of the top reasons to consider making the change to online document management:

  1. Retire the copier; you no longer have a need to copy documents.
    With an online document management system, you will keep all your documents stored in an easy-to-use application that can be accessed by all registered users via the internet, allowing you to distribute information without making a paper copy of any documents. You can even mark up and store notes about the document.
  2. Get rid of the headache and costs associated with finding your information.
    Locating important information among stacks of paper and rows of filing cabinets can be quite a challenge. But with an online document management system, you can search for information by department, by classification and by keyword or phrase and find what you need just like when you search on Google.
  3. Give third parties a password, not a stack of files, when information needs to be shared.
    With a secure application in place to manage your documents, you can allow only the users you want to access your information. And when you need to share that information with a third-party vendor, or someone that is doing an audit for example, you can give them a username and password to access the appropriate documents rather than spending days or weeks searching for the documents they need.
  4. Never ask the question, “which copy is the latest version?” again.
    When multiple people are editing and collaborating on content in a document, it can be very difficult to track the most recent version. What if you could eliminate the confusion by presenting the most recent version as well as the ability to view all versions that were edited previously? The check in and check out feature only allows one person to make edits while the other users view the last version.
  5. Don't worry about remembering to bring the right files when traveling on business.
    Using an online document management system is ideal for businesses that have employees that are on the road or have multiple locations. There is no need to carry your documents with you, or worry about being connected to a LAN to get your information. You can log in using the internet to retrieve your documents from anywhere.

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Shorten Your Opportunity-to-cash Cycle

For companies that require a sales representative to manage a contract's approval from department to department, you have probably run into challenges in closing business promptly.

There are many reasons that a company may be experiencing a lengthy sales cycle other than the customer's time taken to make a decision. Sometimes it is because of briefcase time (the time between the contract signature to when the information is passed through the company for implementation), sometimes it’s because information is lost, and sometimes it’s because there are many steps in an approval process. Automating your workflow can help in all these areas.

Although the sales process for each organization is different, many require several individuals be involved in reviewing a proposal/contract before a product is delivered or a solution is implemented. But what if instead of passing a proposal/contract document through inter-office mail or email attachments, the process was automated through an online system? This would:

  • Reduce briefcase time because completed documents would be automatically pushed through a workflow.
  • Secure, store and protect all documents online, helping to ensure business continues even through employee turnover.
  • Save money from printing, mailing and faxing documents.
  • Help you develop a systematic approach to managing your business.

With DocuVantage OnDemand®, you can be on your way to automating your sales cycle in less than four hours! For more information, be sure to Subscribe to the DocuVantage blog so you won't miss our upcoming post on more ways to reduce the length of you sales cycle with an online document management system.


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