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Welcome Spring Weather!

Case Management and the Argument for Online Document Management

Our Earth Day Celebration Offer - No Set Up Fees!

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DocuVantage will be an Exhibitor at the 2011 InsideNGO Annual Conference!

Please come by our booth to see our document management solutions for nonprofit organizations.

June 6-8, 2011
Washington, DC
Convention Center

NGO Document Management exhibitor

Learn how InsideNGO is impacting the globe!


Setting Alerts on Important Documents:

You can have the system remind you to take action on a specific document, by setting a Timer Alert.
•  Search for the document using
   the Search menu. 

•  Locate the document in the Hitlist
   and click the Alerts Icon.  You can
   also do this from the
   Recently Accessed files list.

•  The bottom section of the Alerts
   page allows you to create an alert
   on the document. 

  Enter a name and then choose
   whether you need to be reminded
   weekly monthly, annually, or just once
   on a specific day. 

•  Once you complete the settings,
   click the Activate checkbox and then
   save Alerts on important documents.

Using the Mail/Folder Archiver for automated bulk importing of documents:

Newly added to the Mail/Folder Archiver is the ability to configure it to watch folders. 

•  Once the folder contains your files and
   a .csv file containing the indexing
   information, the files will be
   automatically processed and imported
   into DocuVantage OnDemand. 

•  This makes integration with additional
   3rd party scanning applications and
   other legacy systems very easy. 

•  Configure your other program to
   output its files to the watch folder and
   the rest is automatic.

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If you are considering implementing electronic document management in your business, check out these white papers to get more informed and get started.

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Welcome Spring Weather!

The birds are singing.  The flowers are blooming.  The trees are in full blossom.  Yes, Spring is here and we can bid a fond adieu to the cold winter weather!  With the arrival of Spring we turn our thoughts to enjoying the great outdoors and the natural beauty of our planet.

Remember Earth Day on April 22, which is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in your local community.  Plant a tree, clean a park, get a home energy audit, recycle, or just ride your bike to work.  There are many activities we can do every day which go a long way toward being good stewards of our environment.  Happy Spring Everyone!

Case Management and the Argument for Online Document Management

Case Management.  What is it exactly?  In simple terms, case management is a pattern of work involving a group of people who systematically process and collaborate on information toward the completion of a specific project or goal.  It’s a workflow process that is extremely knowledge worker and information-intensive characterized by; high collaboration; dynamic and structured business process support; and strong compliance and/or governance issues. 
Case management is widely applied in many industries today, including financial services, public sector agencies, social services, non-profit organizations, healthcare, and legal such as the public defender’s offices.
According to Forrester Research1, case management will continue emerging rapidly over the next couple of years to support three primary needs:

  • Investigative
    Meeting increased demands for transparency from regulators, auditors, and litigants

  • Incident Management
    Focusing on lean operations by methodically identifying and eliminating  ‘incidents” that fall outside standard process parameters
  • Service Requests
    Better managing costs and risks involved with processing various customer-service transactions and requests such as consumer loans, mortgages, insurance claims or health benefits.
    Fulfilling the increasing number of citizen requests of government agencies and meeting taxpayer demands to respond quickly and cost-effectively.

The Role of Document Management in Case Management

It’s no wonder then that more and more organizations are implementing or transitioning to electronic document management to meet these ever-evolving challenges. By leveraging web-based business process automation, workflow, and records management solutions, your organization can save money by reducing the time it takes to search and process paperwork; ensure documents are protected from disaster; and provide complete transparency and information security. 

With online document management you and your team can instantly capture, distribute, store, and manage case documents and data. Information is accessible from an Internet connection and is stored in a secure, centralized location.  Compliance with government regulations is more easily accomplished with permanent online document encryption, electronic storage, and custom privacy settings restricting access.

Benefits of Automated Case Management:

Allows You to Scan, Import and Access Documents Remotely

Telecommuters and remote office staff can have the same access to documents as office staff.  This helps save time and money on shipping and courier fees and secures the documents in one location. Web-based scanning makes remote document capture easy and batch imports can be done for large volumes of documents.  

Fosters Collaboration without Sacrificing Control

Case managers can better manage workflow and team input.  Documents can be updated and tracked in real-time without relying on e-mail or network drives.  The records management system follows each record’s lifecycle from creation to disposition and keeps track of how long records must be retained.  Through an interface backed by administrative access control, you can enable faster, more cost-effective records management while laying the foundation for compliance with key government regulations.

Documents Are Never Lost, Misfiled, or Misplaced

Using the built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you can quickly search for documents based on the content, file number, custom indexes, client name, or just about anything. Global searches can also be performed for related documents across different archives.

Documents are Always Secure

Case managers can control the level of access each team member has to add, search, edit, and view documents.  Permissions can be set individually, at a group level, or by document or category.  Redact capabilities help protect confidential information. Complying with audit and legal-retention requirements is easily accomplished by setting the application to track retention deadlines. Alerts can be set to remind you when it's time to purge documents, maintaining compliance with ease and managing each record's entire lifecycle.
Learn how one Public Defender’s Office successfully implemented
Automated Case Management in order to handle their increasingly large docket.
12009, Forrester Research, Inc. Dynamic Case Management – An Old Idea Catches New Fire. December 28, 2009
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Please Sign on the Dotted Digital Line

In today’s lightning fast global economy, we can’t afford to waste time waiting for “ink on paper” signatures to be shipped around the world.  After all, in business “real-time” is the only time that matters.  Companies using paper documents are finding it difficult to finalize transactions with multiple partners, vendors and geographically dispersed work teams.
As more organizations are transitioning to electronic document management for accelerated business results, so too are they shifting to e-signatures to encourage more “straight through processing”- the holy grail of automated document processes.  Electronic signatures represent a vital way to leverage a company’s assets and increase savings based on key technology investments.
An e-signature clearly establishes intent to sign and ensures all legal elements of proof for electronic documents, communications, and data.  The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act  (ESIGN) enacted in 2000 provides for the use of electronic records and signatures, and guarantees that electronic signatures are just as valid as their paper

As a result, they are legally binding and backed by a comprehensive audit trail. E-signatures establish the authenticity and/or the integrity of information that is electronically captured, transmitted, processed or stored.
E-signatures are found in a variety of forms.  In fact, people use some type of e-signature almost every day without even being aware of it.  For example, the “I accept” button we click when buying products online or the PIN we enter at a point-of-sale are both considered e-signatures.

The Bottom Line Benefits of E-Signatures
Organizations use electronic signatures for many reasons:
  • Improves Workflow Efficiency– It’s faster to click a button or enter a password than to route a document through interoffice mail or courier. Contracts can be electronically routed, approved, and signed in minutes or hours—not days or weeks.
  • Saves Money– By going electronic, you eliminate the cost of paper, printing, postage, and courier services.
  • Ensures Document Integrity – Organizations publish vast amounts of material to the Internet, so it’s imperative to protect this information once it’s released on the web.  It’s critical to reputations and revenue that documents can be authenticated.
  • Legal Compliance– Electronic signatures are as legally binding as pen-and-ink.  A comprehensive e-signing process is fully compliant with all relevant legislation and guidelines.  E-signatures can support all existing business rules for document signing and routing at your company—automatically and electronically.   A detailed electronic audit trail will display what was signed, when and by whom to help meet compliance, regulatory and audit requirements.
  • Eliminates Bottlenecks – E-signatures, when integrated into your document management system, can become apowerful, timesaving tool to streamline review, approval and signing processes in even complex workflows.  Web-based electronic signatures eliminate delays, which cut cycle times dramatically,enabling companies to grow faster, improve customer service, accelerate delivery and reduce costs immediately.
  • It’s Safe and Secure – As with any true document management system, all information and signatures areencrypted so that only designated individuals can read and sign them.  Several levels of signer authentication can be created, including third-party ID verification and unique signer IDs to help ensure the right person receives the right document.  Every event in the life of a document is logged, dated, and time stamped and includes a court-admissible audit trail. 
Want to learn more? View the webinar on how this global non-profit implemented E-signature to move their contract review processes forward at lightning speed.


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