Contract Management Process

Case Study: Mobile Application and Ad Platform



The company is growing rapidly and needs to be able to establish an effective contract management process. Each client has a contract with Flurry, with over 80,000 clients, the contract files have become difficult to manage and grow daily.  There are over 60 people creating and managing contract documents, each were storing their files in their own Google Drive.  There was very little sharing of documents except via email.  The legal department needed to ensure that everyone was using the correct contract template and not an outdated or incorrect version that someone had stored on their computer.  


DocuVantage OnDemand contract file repository for executed contracts. 

Simply, each user uploads executed contracts into DocuVantage OnDemand and completes the indexing form that was created by the legal department. The indexing allows them to track client name, type of agreement, amendments, effective date and termination date, author, and other key data about the contracts.  By standardizing the index form, all members are able to use the contract management software, thus making is easy to train new employees on filing as well as locating documents.

Additional areas being added in the near future:


Human Resources