Document Storage and Indexing

Case Study: Central Florida Cancer Institute


The Central Florida Cancer Institute opened its doors in March 2000 to provide advanced radiation therapy technology and treatment to the patients of Haines City, FL and the surrounding community. The cancer treatment center offers a multi-disciplinary team approach in treating and caring for patients. On-site nursing personnel, certified radiation therapy technologists, and a medical physicist who are dedicated to the treatment of cancer patients staff the Center, designed and managed by Dr. Randy V. Heysek.


Numerous universities and other medical institutions are constantly publishing new cancer research data. While this information is invaluable in the treatment of cancer, it can be very time-consuming to search through millions of pages of documents to find the information that is needed to treat a certain type of cancer.

Document Management Solution

DocuVantage® deployed an electronic document management system that provides document indexing through Optical Character Recognition software. Documents can now be located using structured indexing values such as the author and publisher of a document, or what type of cancer the document is referencing, for example. Scanned documents are recognized by the system using the Optical Character Recognition software. This allows the integrated text seach engine to find words and phrases contained within the documents.

Old Process

Document Management

Doctors had to physically search for a document in a file cabinet, which could only be located by the single way it was filed. Then someone had to read through the entire document to find the specific item or topic the doctor needed.

Electronic Document  Management System

New Process

The assistants as well as the doctors themselves can log into the system, even at the same time, and search for information by a number of structured document indexing fields or specific words in the contents of all documents in the system. The results are instantly returned. Electronic document management for healthcare has once again proven it's ability to simplify and organize all data and documents.