Clark Environmental, Inc.

Clark Environmental, Inc. provides remediation, disposal and transportation services as effective solutions to hazardous and non-hazardous industrial material and waste problems.


EPA Compliance Laws requires that vital documentation regarding disposal of such materials is kept safe. Complying with the laws was incurring astronomic storage costs for Clark.

Document Management Solution

DocuVantage® implemented an EDM system to store and manage the documents, allowing for electronic access and backup.

Old Process

Clark was storing all Thermal Waste and Solid Waste disposal information in physical file folders. Each new process required a new folder be created with a label and tab. Several pages of information were stored in each folder. This information is vital for many different reasons including EPA compliance. If there was an inquiry regarding a file, an individual would have to go to file cabinets to locate the information. At any point in time, a specific folder could be on another person's desk and not in the file cabinets while the other individual is busy searching for that file. In addition, as these file cabinets began growing in size, they began taking up important and costly office space. There was also no disaster recovery process in place should these files become destroyed.

New Process

DocuVantage customized database screens that allow users to track deliverables and store electronic copies for easy access. All documentation related to the waste disposal process is scanned and indexed. The indexing data that is captured allows management to run regular reports instead of tracking data in spreadsheets. The new database structure is automated in such a way that users become more efficient with faster data retrieval and minimal data entry. Finally, DocuVantage designed a report to retrieve data from the EDM system and then print a shipping manifest.