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Best Practices: The Easy Way to Create Your Newsletter: Document Management for Marketing

DocuVantage OnDemand® User Quick Tip: What Some People Don't Know Can't Hurt You

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Reduce Email Overload with Proper Document Management for Marketing


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User Quick Tip

What Some People Don't Know Can't Hurt You

Not everyone needs to know everything all the time. Like when multiple people are working on a document that has sensitive employee information such as social security numbers, medical-related information, or financial information not everyone needs to have access to the information.

A simple way to handle this issue is by redacting—hiding—certain parts of a document such that only the people with the proper clearance can view it. That way you, and your employees, have nothing to worry about and can still share and edit the same documents within DocuVantage.


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The Easy Way to Create Your Newsletter: Document Management for Marketing

Let’s face it; marketing has to publish all sorts of documents, including newsletters like this.

It goes something like this:

  • Someone may start with a project overview that has to be reviewed and approved by various people.
  • Then other folks, maybe both internally and externally, have to create the newsletter…or whatever is being created to insert in the newsletter.
  • Then a few of the same people, and in some cases others possibly legal, have to review the material.
  • Then there’s probably revisions and, of course final review that has to be signed off on by multiple people.
  • And lastly, someone has to actually implement; and they have to know that it has been properly reviewed, signed off on and that they are using the correct version.

Sound familiar? “So what’s the problem? It’s always worked before.”

Here are some of the problems and how easy and effective online document management can help:

Someone’s on vacation or out sick
And they either have the file on their computer or they misplaced or mislabeled it on the server. With online document management, all your files are easily searchable from one secure location.

Someone gets fired or leaves
And they were in charge of routing this project that has a big deadline looming. With online document management, all of the changes, revisions and routing are easy to see at a glance so things can move forward seamlessly.

The wrong version was used
And there’s an expensive campaign or a large print run coming up. With online document management, it’s clear who did what, and when, so there’s never a mistake. It’s also just as easy to revert to an earlier version when something in “creative” goes haywire.

All the documents are on the server…somewhere!
And that helps 100% of the time that the servers are up. Marketing deadlines don’t wait for IT to find out why no one can get access or find them; cloud document management doesn’t depend on IT.

File storage and sharing solutions do just that: Store and share.
And an old filing cabinet did the same things. That just doesn’t work in a distributed, collaborative work environment at today’s pace of business. But equally distributed cloud file management and workflow solutions are just as distributed and workflow-oriented as your business needs to be today.

Any of these problems sound familiar?

Marketing should be about creating good creative, instead of creating a lot of extra work. In a business world where marketing can be just as eager as IT to run with new technologies, cloud document management should be embraced with the same fervor.


And now our newsletter’s done. (It was pretty easy with DocuVvantage OnDemand®)

If you’re not already using DocuVantage OnDemand, let us spend a few minutes giving you a walkthrough. We’ve even got some snazzy new technology to share.



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Email OverloadReduce Email Overload with Proper Document Management for Marketing

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