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  September 2009 Newsletter


A Reduction in Volunteers and Revenue Requires Nonprofits to Automate

Improving Affordable Housing Efficiency

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DocuVantage's Florida Statewide IT Contract Renewed!

In their latest press release, DocuVantage announced that their purchasing contract with the State of Florida has been renewed.

This contract is one of three recognizing DocuVantage as a reliable vendor for government agencies.

Under the Florida Statewide IT Contract, government agencies may purchase services from DocuVantage through MyFloridaMarketplace (MFMP) that include:

      • Analysis

      • Design

      • Implementation

      • Training

      • Support

Learn more about how these government contracts can help your agency or department build greater document efficiency today!



We currently store our documents in a folder on our network, what is different about storing them in DocuVantage OnDemand®?

One of the biggest challenges our customers faced when storing documents in network folders was the inability to find the documents and the company's loss of information.

Network folders are similar to paper folders. You can only search one way.

Managing documents in our application allows multiple methods of searching allowing instant access within seconds to the document you need.

Additionally the information is stored within the company's application, not on someone's computer. If the employee leaves, your information is still with you.

For more information and tutorials on using DocuVantage OnDemand®, visit our site.


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If you are considering implementing electronic document management in your business, this latest whitepaper released by DocuVantage is a must read.


Learn tips that will help you implement and sustain a successful system for managing your information. 

EDM Success whitepaper



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A Reduction in Volunteers and Revenue Requires Nonprofits to AUTOMATE

The economy has hit businesses hard and it's causing a ripple effect in the nonprofit industry. To save on costs due to a reduction in revenue, companies have not only cut the donations they have given to charities in the past, but they have reduced available volunteer hours due to a reduction in staff and the need to have more people working in the office driving revenue. This cut in donations and volunteers has left non-profits with a heavy burden.


While many organizations are built of teams that wear many hats, this could not be truer for a nonprofit. With fewer volunteers in the field, the staff in the office now needs to get involved outside the office, causing workflows to back-up. Technology can play an integral role in making the job of these non-profits easier.



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Turn in your on-premise EDM solution for an online application from DocuVantage OnDemand® and Get Six Months Free!

In the spirit of the latest "Cash for Clunkers" promotion, DocuVantage is joining in to do their part.  By deciding to change your current on-premise electronic document management application to an online DocuVantage OnDemand® application, your company will receive SIX MONTHS FREE with a one-year subscription!  Offer valid until October 31, 2009.

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Improving Affordable Housing Efficiency

Many citizens struggle to make their mortgage payments as the foreclosure crisis impacts communities. Because of this, affordable housing departments are experiencing an influx of applications for funding assistance with First Time Home Buyer Down Payments, Housing Rehabilitation, Neighborhood Stabilization, Refinance Assistance and Foreclosure Assistance programs.


As the housing agencies scramble to help, the volume of paperwork is increasing. They are realizing that to perform their duties efficiently, they need a faster, organized and secure way to route, store and maintain auditable records of the applications and supporting documents.


Using an electronic document management and compliance system can increase the operating efficiency of any affordable housing department, saving on costs by reducing time searching for and processing paperwork, ensuring document protection from disaster and finally, providing complete transparency and information security.


Here's what an online document management system would do for your affordable housing department (AHD):




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