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  August 2009 Newsletter


"Surprise! You're Being Audited!"

You are Not Using Your Inbox for Document Storage Are You?

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DocuVantage is Now an Approved Vendor of the GSA! 

DocuVantage is now an approved vendor of the General Services Administration (GSA) allowing government purchasers access to this subscription based software-as-a-service document and business process management platform at a discounted price. 

Government purchasers, learn how to save by using DocuVantage OnDemand for:

  • Web Document Capture
  • Online Document Storage, Protection and Retrieval
  • Contract Management
  • Records Management
  • E-mail/Fax Management
  • Business Process Automation

Read more about the DocuVantage GSA Contract to get started today. 



How-To Set Up A New Archive

Most businesses use multiple archives to separate documents within various areas of their business for easier searching and to restrict user security privileges for viewing. If you are a system administrator here is an easy-to-use tip on adding an archive to your list of repositories.

From the homepage, go to ADMIN and click on ARCHIVES. 


The Add Archive page will then ask you to complete the form fields. It will prompt you to choose a name for the Archive, i.e.HR Documents, Confidential Documents etc. Next, you will see a check box to make the contents of the documents searchable. Check this box for optimal searchability.

You will then choose if you want to use an existing indexing form template in which you can choose from your list of templates or choose a blank template in which you can create your own from scratch.

Under ADVANCED OPTIONS, if you subscribe to the Workflow and/or Records Management features, you can choose to attach the indexing form to a workflow so that the document will automatically follow an automated, rules-based business process that you have set up.

If you would like to enable records managment for records retention compliance on the document archive and choose the record category you want the archive's records to be classed, check the noted box. This section also allows you to enable legal hold or mark the records as final. These are optional features.  Once you are done completing the form fields, click ADD ARCHIVE. If you chose to use a blank template go to MODIFY FORM to customize it.

Follow these quick steps to take advantage of the many ways DocuVantage OnDemand® can keep your business organized.

For more tips on how to better take advantage of the full functionality of your DocuVantage OnDemand® application, remember to access "Help" under the Support section.

Or, to view more on DocuVantage features right now, Click Here


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"Surprise! You're being audited!"

tips to help you comply with ease


There's nothing you can do to reduce your chances of a random audit. However, there are things you can do to be prepared. 

Main priorities: Keep your records in a safe place and keep them accessible. Easier said than done right? Well, electronic document management systems will help you store those "can't lose" documents by capturing the documents in an electronic format, organizing them by category, department, case number or record name and securely storing them. In the event of an audit, you are able to give the auditor a secure view to only the documents necessary without losing your staff's valuable time in the process.

This quick management process eliminates the days or weeks it takes you or your staff to find the information you need and the need to sit with the auditors while they work. 

When you receive an audit request, an electronic document management system has already done the work; you can either download the files you need from the application to a CD or flash drive, or give the auditor a temporary "view only" login to access only the document repositories you want him or her to see.  And because document versions are maintained, the auditor will have access to view version history.  This allows the auditor to see who edited documents as well as when they were edited, which is commonly requested in an audit. 

Lastly, the application enables your organization to track the retention dates of each document, helping you easily meet audit compliance. You can set alerts that will remind you when it's time to purge records that have met their requirement. No need to remember dates and times, the system will do it for you. Best practice is not to keep records longer than needed; it only increases the chance of an auditor finding a mistake that could lead to potential litigation. Be proactive about your records retention and your records management and audit fear will become a fear of the past.


Metropolitan Ministries LogoAs part of “Software for Soft Hearts” in July and August, DocuVantage will donate $10 for each new user associated with a new DocuVantage OnDemand® account to assist Metropolitan Ministries in its mission to help those who are homeless and those in danger of becoming homeless.

If you're interested in getting started with online document management, now is a great time to begin.  Your purchase will make a difference.  This offer is valid from July 1 through the end of August 2009.

Learn more about Docuvantage OnDemand and "Software for Soft Hearts".



As the world trends toward going paperless, e-mail has become quite the everyday necessity, as well as many business' main communication with clients, employees  and vendors.  Let's face it, e-mail makes life easier. However, there are almost always drawbacks to wonderful innovations.  In this case, no one wants a flooded inbox full of mission critical files and communications. As e-mails build by the hundreds, thousands and more, it's easy to accidentally lose important documents or oversee an e-mail and its attachments that are absolutely vital to the inner workings of the business and need to be accessible by others. 

To avoid such instances, businesses today are using online document management to streamline their e-mail, file organization and workflow process.  Here's how it works: Let's say your organization has created a Request for Proposal to go out for bid. With the e-mail/fax module, you designate an e-mail address where all incoming proposals will be directed as they come in via email or fax. If coming in by fax, it is converted and then routed to the e-mail address without ever having to print it out and distribute for processing.

Once the e-mail or fax is received, it is automatically routed into the correct repository of your document management application, where you can later perform an easy search by keywords, document title, author etc.  Your proposals are now protected, stored, organized and now moving through the automated business process workflow you can build in the application. 

You no longer need to worry that faxes will be missed, or that e-mails will be lost on an employee's computer.  Your employees can immediately start processing the paperwork when they are notified a document is waiting to be processed. Remove those bottlenecks by having them automatically filed and moving thru the business process when they arrive.

This e-mail and fax module not only improves business communication, but it also enhances customer service and routine business processes. Once you specify the e-mail addresses to which you want specific faxes and e-mails to be directed, you can sit back and let the automation do the rest assured these documents are already stored where you keep your mission critical information. 


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